The Scarlett 2nd Generation – Focusrite Set The Bar

The worlds best audio interface just got better Since it was founded by Rupert Neve in 1985, Focusrite has become one of, if not the go-to brand for both professional and home recording enthusiasts and musicians who want easy to use, reliable and highly portable options for laying down studio quality recordings. The Scarlett range… Read More

10 Items You Will Always Need For Your Home Studio

The essentials you’ll need for making good quality recordings at home For those of you about to start recording at home, you may be thinking that you’re about to enter a world of confusion and complication. In actual fact, with the right equipment at home to do the job, you can make high quality recordings (and… Read More

Home Recording Guitar On A Budget

Updated 12/9/16 Getting studio sounds in your front room One of the joys of playing, writing and performing music is hearing your tunes back once you’ve recorded them. In days gone by, this used to mean either cobbling together a few microphones and a four track tape recorder, or booking in to a professional studio… Read More

Focusrite Red Plugin Review

Classic compressor and EQ make their plugin debut The Focusrite Red range of studio outboard gear has been used in top studios the world over for decades. Introduced in 1994, the entire range, clad in its distinctive red casing, found favour with the professionals on account of its super-high clarity and versatility, pure and simple…. Read More

Optimise Your Rehearsal Space For Recording

Tips to help change the way you use your practice space For many artists, having their own private rehearsal space is a vital component in writing, managing a band and generally keeping sharp. Most people tend to start practising at home or at school, but once you reach a certain point you need to find your… Read More

Five Great Compact Audio Interfaces

As the mobile production set-up becomes the norm, we take a look at five great, compact audio interfaces… Updated 13/09/2016 As the portable recording rig becomes an astonishingly powerful reality (and rapidly becomes the norm), there are certain bits of gear that are essential to these new, pared-down set-ups. The hub of everything is, of… Read More

Which Audio Interface Do I Need?

Updated 13/9/16 Deciding which audio interface to buy can be a bit bewildering – here’s a guide to help you find what you need It’s fair to see that, within these pages, I regularly enthuse about the incredible power and functionality offered by even modest home studios these days. The problem with having easy access… Read More

Focusrite Tape App Launched

The new Focusrite Tape app provides one of the most intuitive, elegant ways to record on an iPad, for free… In the past few years, the iPad has been fully embraced by the music world. No longer just a means of checking e-mails, surfing the net and playing angry birds, Apple’s tablet is now a… Read More

Focusrite Recording Bundle Receives Value Award

Music Tech Magazine honour the new Focusrite recording bundle, the Scarlett Studio, with a Value Award When the Scarlett Studio (the new affordable Focusrite recording bundle) was announced earlier this year, it was the kind of package that you could immediately see finding its way into countless home studios. Comprising a high quality Focusrite interface,… Read More

Audio Interfaces for iPad – 4 of the Best

Here are four of the best audio interfaces for iPad currently available With every day, it seems the iPad has more to recommend it as a platform for recording, and the growing number of audio interfaces for iPad and their diversity are ample illustration of this. With just about every major audio interface brand now… Read More