Which Audio Interface Do I Need?

Five Great Compact Audio Interfaces

Deciding which audio interface to buy can be a bit bewildering – here’s a guide to help you find what you need It’s fair to see that, within these pages, I regularly enthuse about the incredible power and functionality offered by even modest home studios these days. The problem with having easy access to such… Read More

Focusrite Tape App Launched

Focusrite Logo New

The new Focusrite Tape app provides one of the most intuitive, elegant ways to record on an iPad, for free… In the past few years, the iPad has been fully embraced by the music world. No longer just a means of checking e-mails, surfing the net and playing angry birds, Apple’s tablet is now a… Read More

Emeli Sande’s Live Focusrite Rig

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Wayne Plummer revealed that a Focusrite rig is the foundation of Emeli Sande’s live shows… Emeli Sande’s rise to the top has been somewhat meteoric. From early collaborations with the likes of Wiley and Chipmunk, the Scottish singer-songwriter has risen to become one the UK’s biggest artists. Along the way, she’s managed to accrue songwriting… Read More

Four Ways To Make Better Home Recordings

Focusrite VRM Box Logo

If your finished mixes sound a bit lacklustre, here are four ways to get better home recordings It can be a bit demoralising to put a ton of effort into your home recordings, only to find the end result doesn’t match up to work put into it. To help, here are some tips to help… Read More

Focusrite Recording Bundle Receives Value Award

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Music Tech Magazine honour the new Focusrite recording bundle, the Scarlett Studio, with a Value Award When the Scarlett Studio (the new affordable Focusrite recording bundle) was announced earlier this year, it was the kind of package that you could immediately see finding its way into countless home studios. Comprising a high quality Focusrite interface,… Read More

Focusrite Audio Interface Range Expands Again

scarlett 18i20 logo

The Focusrite audio interface range has a new addition – the Scarlett 18i20 Those industrious pro-audio folk in High Wycombe have clearly been very busy, as another Focusrite audio interface has been revealed ahead of the NAMM 2013 show. The Scarlett 18i20 is a 19-inch rack-mountable, USB 2.0 interface- its format revealing much about who… Read More

2012 – The Year of iPad Recording

Whay would you need a MIDI interface - Garageband iPad

2012 may well be remembered as the year that the iPad recording studio became a reality… It would be fair to say that 2012 was the year that iPad recording came of age. The iPad’s power as a multimedia computer with a stunning, multi-touch interface made it an excellent platform for music software, but the… Read More

Focusrite Forte Review

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It promises to raise the bar for compact USB audio interfaces – we take a look in our Focusrite Forte review The Focusrite Forte is latest interface from the legendary UK pro audio brand. Focusrite’s Saffire and Scarlett range have long been among, if not THE most popular audio interface range in the UK. The… Read More

Focusrite VRM Box Online Demo

Focusrite VRM Box Logo

Hear the Focusrite VRM Box in action! The Focusrite VRM Box is one of the most innovative music technology products to appear in the last 12 months. The unit is an audio interface/ headphone amp, capable of modelling the characteristics of a range of studio monitors and speakers through headphones. This means that when the… Read More

Review: Focusrite Scarlett 2i2

Focusrite Logo New

The Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 is one of the brand’s most affordable interfaces – how does it stack up against its big brothers? At the point that Focusrite entered the audio interface market, it was already one of the most prestigious names in pro audio. Founded by Rupert Neve in 1985, the brand quickly became one… Read More