Five Great 2014 Gibson Models

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It’s that time of year when suppliers refresh their range – Here are five great 2014 Gibson models to whet your appetite Once the excitement of Xmas and New Year has subsided, you’d be forgiven for feeling a bit flat. Thankfully, the NAMM 2014 show arrives at the end of January, with a whole host… Read More

How Do Les Pauls Differ from Each Other?

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With 57 varieties (at least), you’d be justified wondering, how do Les Pauls differ from each other? ‘One guitar- many, many varieties’. That could be the advertising strap-line for the Les Paul, such is the number of different models available. There are several ‘standard’ models that have been around for decades, however. Here, we aim… Read More

10 Interesting SG Facts

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It’s Gibson’s ‘hell raiser’ guitar, and it has a very interesting history – here are 10 SG facts that you might not know… The SG is one the most iconic guitar models ever made. Despite its association with rock, and reputation, perhaps, as the tool of choice for rock’s most rebellious and just plain noisy… Read More

Most Influential Electric Guitar Designs Ever

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The modern electric guitar is a surprisingly youthful thing – here are four of the guitar designs that made it was it is today… When something has been around for your entire lifetime, it can feel as though it has been around forever. To some, the guitar must seem like that. But, the guitar as… Read More

Best Guitars For Blues

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If you’ve got the spirit of the delta running through your veins, here’s a mini guide to four of the best guitars for blues Though it’s easy to consider the Blues as a single musical form, the truth is rather more complicated. It is a many, many faceted musical genre. From the early Delta blues… Read More

Factory Experience Gibson Event Winner!

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As promised, someone who attended the excellent Gibson event at Liverpool walked away with a guitar… Whenever we announce that there’s a Gibson event due to take place at one of our stores, there’s always a lot of interest. The ‘Factory Experience’ at our Liverpool store was no different. This relatively new in-store event effectively… Read More

A Guide To Gibson Pickups

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Gibson pickups changed the electric guitar forever – here’s a guide to the various types available Gibson pickups have arguably done more to change the direction of guitar development than any other. When the brand developed the first humbucker in 1955, it inadvertently provided music with a new, more raucous voice. There are many varieties… Read More

Gibson Factory Experience at Dawsons Liverpool

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Get the low-down on how your favourite guitars are built at the Gibson Factory Experience at Dawsons Liverpool If you’re a guitarist, taking a tour around the Gibson factory is probably quite high on your wish list. The fact is that very few get this opportunity. So, aside from the occasional video, and stills from… Read More

Gibson Collectors Choice 8 Revealed – The Beast

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The Gibson Collectors Choice 8 has been announced, and it’s based on Bernie Marsden’s legendary ‘The Beast’ Les Paul! The Gibson Collectors Choice range expands once more, with one of the most well-known and revered ’59 Les Pauls ever made: Bernie Marsden’s main axe, nicknamed ‘The Beast’. The former Whitesnake and UFO guitarist’s ’59 has… Read More

Brian May Gets His Hands On Min-ETune Technology

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Gibson’s new Min-ETune Technology is causing a stir – Brian May praises his new Min-ETune equipped SG One of the most unexpected additions to the 2013 Gibson catalogue was the addition of Min-ETune automatic tuning systems. Auto-tuning tech is not new to Gibson- the brand has pioneered this with groundbreaking guitars such as the Robot… Read More