London Grammar Guitarist Dan Rothman Joins Farida Roster

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The Farida endorsee roster has expanded again, with London Grammar guitarist Dan Rothman! The words, ‘the next big thing’ are used with desperate regularity in the music industry. Every six months (at least), a new band is being touted with this accolade, but the hype generally outstrips their talent. Very occasionally, however, an act appears… Read More

Farida Jamie MacColl Is Awarded Five Stars

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Acoustic Magazine gets its hands on another Artist Designed guitar – the Farida Jamie MacColl is awarded five stars The limited edition Farida Artist Designed range of guitars has been steadily winning plaudits (and admiring looks) since it was launched a few years ago. Since then, there have been countless performances from some of music’s… Read More

New Bombay Bicycle Club Single Launched With Interactive Video

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New Bombay Bicycle Club Single, ‘Carry Me’, is here with an incredible interactive video A new Bombay Bicycle Club single has been launched, the first since 2012’s ‘Beg’. The band has been busy writing and recording the follow-up to their last album, ‘A Different Kind Of Fix’, and this new single is the first hint… Read More

Which Is The Best Guitar To Learn On? Acoustic Or Electric?

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Acoustic guitar or electric guitar – which is the best guitar to learn on? Here’s a guide to help… There’s a lot of conflicting advice regarding learning how to play the guitar. Whether it relates to taking lessons, or trying to learn on your own, Fender versus Gibson, steel string versus nylon, for every opinion,… Read More

A Mini Guide To Slide Guitar

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Here, we take a look at slide guitar – one of the most distinctive and expressive guitar techniques Slide guitar is the technique of using a hard object to slide over the strings in place of the fingers on the fretting hand. The advantage of this is that notes are not fixed in pitch to… Read More

Which Guitar Gig Bag or Case Do I Need?

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There’s a dizzying array of bags and cases available, to help, we answer the question ‘which guitar gig bag or case do I need?’ When buying a guitar for the first time, it might have escaped your attention that you’re probably going to need some way of transporting it. This realisation sometimes occurs at the… Read More

New Jon Kenzie Album ‘Sing A Little Higher’ Released

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This week sees the launch of the new Jon Kenzie Album ‘Sing A Little Higher’, where he explores a more intimate palette… It’s been a while since we heard from Jon Kenzie. The last news from his musical camp was that he and his band were holed up in a studio in Dorset, recording the… Read More

Iconic Stratocaster Tones

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We take a look at some of the most iconic Stratocaster tones ever, and the gear used to produce them… The Stratocaster is without question one of the most versatile electric guitars ever made. Over the course of six decades, it has been behind some of music’s most influential guitarists. Here we take a look… Read More

What Is The Difference Between Modelling Amps And Other Types?

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With solid-state, modelling and valve tech all available, you may wonder ‘what is the difference between modelling amps and other types?’ Until fairly recently, the guitar amps only really offered two different technologies to create their tone: solid state and valve. Then, a new, computer powered addition joined the fray: modelling technology. Each of these… Read More

What Causes Fret Buzz?

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It’s a problem that can drive you slightly potty, but what causes fret buzz? There’s something about a ‘buzzing’ sound that seems to make it particularly irritating (unless of course you’re aiming to create a buzzing sound…) Whether it’s a fly buzzing around you, a refrigerator, mains hum, or some other buzz, it’s seldom a… Read More