Guitar Riffs The BBC Missed From Its Top 100…


An alternative list of stonkers, bangers and cheeky little neck twitchers Writers of ‘top 100′ style lists are on a hiding to nothing, generally. Especially when said list has wildly exaggerated titles like “TOP 100 GREATEST GUITAR RIFFS OF ALL TIME EVER.” See, music is different to, for example, sport. By its very nature, music is almost exclusively… Read More

Dawsons Music Spotlight Sessions: Fort Hope

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The third installment of our Spotlight Sessions series features rising stars Fort Hope. Jon and Andé from the band kindly dropped in to our studio and chatted to us about their recent signing, the music industry and their fans amongst other things. They also gave us a great acoustic performance which you can see at 10:08… Read More

Dawsons Music Spotlight Sessions: We Caught The Castle

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In our second Spotlight Sessions video we met with We Caught The Castle, a female-fronted five-piece from Reading and chatted to them about everything from football to their latest music video. They also gave us an acoustic performance of “Answers” from their debut album “Time to Grow”. We Caught The Castle are a Reading based… Read More

What Is A Pull Off?


When playing legato passages, these are your friend – but what is a pull off? When learning to play guitar, once you start to move on from the standard, fretting notes or chords with one hand, and strumming/ plucking with the other, there are some techniques that you read about, or come across in tablature,… Read More

Weird And Wonderful Guitarists Presents


Buying for a tricky guitar player? Here’s a guide to weird and wonderful guitarists presents for the player who has everything… Musicians tend to develop a condition known as G.A.S. (gear acquisition syndrome) over time. They indulge their love of music by buying it endless gifts of music gear… As a result, you often find… Read More

A Mini Guide To Slide Guitar


Here, we take a look at slide guitar – one of the most distinctive and expressive guitar techniques Slide guitar is the technique of using a hard object to slide over the strings in place of the fingers on the fretting hand. The advantage of this is that notes are not fixed in pitch to… Read More

Mercury Prize 2013 – Foals Gear


The Mercury Prize 2013 nominees are in – in anticipation, we take a look at some of nominees Foals gear It’s that time of year again, and the Mercury Prize 2013 nominees are in. Unlike last year, there’s a real mix of popular choices, with less in the way of obscure nominees. The full list… Read More

What Is The Difference Between Active And Passive Pickups?

Telecaster Bridge Pickup

Both types have devoted fans, but what is the difference between active and passive pickup types? Remarkably, guitars have been built with pickups for well over 60 years. This neat device enabled the development of the solid bodied electric guitar, and provided it with its unique voice. Over the years, the pickup has evolved and… Read More

What Is A Blues Scale?

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In the contemporary music world, it is used regularly, but what is a blues scale? The far-reaching influence of the blues is something that is often overlooked in the modern musical world. Nearly all pop and rock music features some aspect that bears its hallmarks, and the vast majority of guitar icons ply their trade… Read More

What Is A Resonator Guitar?

Resonator Guitar

The Resonator Guitar is one of the most distinctive of any type – but what exactly is it? Guitarists are, in several notable ways, a bit like magpies. When they see an eye-catching guitar, they tend to glaze over, compelled to take this shiny object back to their nest. In this regard, the Resonator is… Read More