2012 – The Year of iPad Recording

Whay would you need a MIDI interface - Garageband iPad

2012 may well be remembered as the year that the iPad recording studio became a reality… It would be fair to say that 2012 was the year that iPad recording came of age. The iPad’s power as a multimedia computer with a stunning, multi-touch interface made it an excellent platform for music software, but the… Read More

Signature Sounds – Mercury Music Prize Nominees 2011

Mercury Prize 2013 – The Arctic Monkeys Gear

It’s hard to believe that it’s that time of year again, but once again the greatest UK music of the last twelve months is due to be put in the spotlight for Mercury Music Prize. Somewhat unbelievably, the prize is now in its nineteenth (nineteenth!) year, but shows no sign of losing public interest. Sometimes… Read More

IK Multimedia and Line 6 MIDI Interfaces for Apple’s IOS

Ik Multimedia iRig MIDI

Since its launch, the Apple iPad has quickly established itself as powerful and flexible platform for all things musical. From Apple’s own Garageband app, to the more esoteric synthesiser and audio apps available, it seems the possibilities are endless for the iPad. However, the problem has always been that, despite it’s unbelievable flexibility, the multi-touch… Read More

Line 6 Spiders Rule the Web

Line 6 Logo

Guitar amp modelling technology is now so widespread, to some younger guitarists it may seem as if it has always been there. Some of the earliest, ground-breaking work in this area was done by Line 6, whose POD effects unit was responsible for bringing this technology in an affordable form to the wider masses. A… Read More

Over a million Line 6 Spider amplifiers sold!

Line 6 Spider IV 75 Guitar Amp

A web of sound – Over a million Line 6 Spider amplifiers sold! In a world that values identity and yet praises consistency, how can you fit in as a guitarist these days? According to over a million players, the Line 6 Spider is the answer. From personal projects to multi-platinum artists and bedrooms to… Read More

Gary Moore Visits Manchester and bags a Rat

Gary Moore

Gary Moore stopped off at our Manchester store the other day when he was in town to play the Manchester Apollo as part of his  world tour which goes from the UK, over to Spain and then onto Germany, over the next 3 months. While in the Manchester shop, Gary had no hesitations and went… Read More