Line 6 Sonic Port VX Review


Pod Farm on your iPad We’ve done a few of these reviews lately, looking at gear which promises to open up the wonderful world of recording on your tablet. From Alesis IO Dock II through to our recent round up of cool iOS gear, there’s plenty of options open to anyone looking to enter the… Read More

2012 – The Year of iPad Recording


2012 may well be remembered as the year that the iPad recording studio became a reality… It would be fair to say that 2012 was the year that iPad recording came of age. The iPad’s power as a multimedia computer with a stunning, multi-touch interface made it an excellent platform for music software, but the… Read More

Gary Moore Visits Manchester and bags a Rat

Gary Moore Dawsons Manchester

Gary Moore stopped off at our Manchester store the other day when he was in town to play the Manchester Apollo as part of his world tour which goes from the UK, over to Spain and then on to Germany, over the next 3 months. While in the Manchester shop, Gary had no hesitations and… Read More