What Is Quantization?

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It’s one of the common and most useful features of music software, but what is quantization? These days, the modern DAW (digital audio workstation) software package has many powerful features that have evolved out of the hardware studio. Whereas, once upon a time, the hub of a computer-based studio was a MIDI sequencer, which simply… Read More

Five Great Compact Audio Interfaces

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As the mobile production set-up becomes the norm, we take a look at five great, compact audio interfaces As the portable recording rig becomes an astonishingly powerful reality (and rapidly becomes the norm), there are certain bits of gear that are essential to these new, pared-down set-ups. The hub of everything is, of course, the… Read More

Great Tools For Live Electronic Music Performance

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Live electronic music performance is no longer a case of just hitting ‘play’ – here are some great tools to help… Once upon a time, performing electronic music live was something of a task. Actually keeping a ‘live’ element was the main task, as was ensuring it wasn’t much more than Karaoke. The other problem… Read More

Simple Ways To Revolutionise Your Studio Work

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What to freshen up your working practice? – Here are some ways to revolutionise your studio work… Inspiration is an elusive thing, and one that certain bad practices can chase away. For example, routine is good in terms of providing discipline in the creative world (ideas don’t come to you- you have to go out… Read More

The Evolution Of Beats – Roland TR-808

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Some bits of music gear lay claim to being iconic but few have shaped music like the TR-808 ‘Iconic’ is word that is bandied around a little too freely in the music world. Whether used with reference to musicians or gear, it’s difficult to say whether someone or something truly deserves the accolade. The Roland… Read More

Inspiring Music Gear

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Some things just seem to get creativity flowing more than others – here are some great examples of inspiring music gear Want to get some musical ideas flowing quickly? You could do far worse than look at some of the products listed below. When you’re in a creative rut, these bits of inspiring music gear… Read More

OSX 10.9 Mavericks Compatibility

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It’s that nerve-wracking time to upgrade again – to help here’s a mini guide to OSX 10.9 Mavericks Compatibility Operating system upgrades are always a bit of a ‘double-edged sword’. On the one hand, you could stand to benefit from new features, improved performance, and in some cases, additional disk space. On the other hand,… Read More

Home Studio Gear Issues – Common Problems and Fixes

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There are some home studio gear issues that crop up regularly, so here are some common problems and their fixes… When you talk thousands of people every day about setting up home studios, as the guys at Dawsons do, you get a real sense of the common, reoccurring issues and obstacles that aspiring producers and… Read More

How To Create Beats – 5 Top Tips

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Here are five tips for great results when learning how to create beats These days, some of the most common questions that the guys in our stores and customer service team get asked relate to creating beats. The likes of J-Dilla took this seemingly small area of musical production and raised it to the highest… Read More

How Do Drum Racks Work In Ableton?

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There are some powerful tools available in its arsenal, but how do Drum Racks work in Ableton? The tools now available in Ableton Live’s virtual ‘rack’ are pretty astonishing. From synths to effects, to, well, you name it- it’s all here and can be automated and controlled. The Drum Rack is a hugely flexible and… Read More