Which Controller Keyboard Should I Buy?

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If you find yourself asking ‘which controller keyboard should I buy?’ this mini guide should help you to decide… Ten years ago, if you wanted a controller keyboard, the options were fairly limited. This was with good reason, as for most producers, hardware was still the main means of generating sound- software synthesis was very… Read More

Great Uses For An SM57

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It’s often described as a Swiss Army Knife of mics – here are four great uses for an SM57 to prove it… In the world of microphones, the Shure SM57 is highly respected by just about every producer and engineer in the world. This is because, when pointed at just about any audio source, the… Read More

What Is An Arpeggiator?

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It’s one of the most commonly found features on a synthesizer, but what is an arpeggiator and what does it do? Synthesizers, as you may have already gathered, are packed with features that have incredibly complex sounding names. Oscillators, ring modulators, modulation envelopes… the list goes on and on. In most cases, these features are… Read More

Choosing Studio Monitors

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You might know that you need a set, but how do you go about choosing studio monitors? A good pair of monitor speakers is one of the most essential tools for creating great mixes. Essentially, they are the interface between the music and the engineer’s ears, providing an accurate picture of what is actually happening… Read More

What Is Mastering?

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It’s one of the most mysterious aspects of the music production process – so what is mastering? When producing a record, there are often several stages to the process. Firstly, there’s the ‘demo’ stage, where songs or tracks are sketched out, arranged and recorded to a high, but not ‘highest’ quality. Next, there is recording… Read More

What Is Panning?

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Once a technique for sifting gold from river dirt, now a standard feature of mixers and DAWS – but what is panning? As a beginner, when you look at a mixing desk, either within your DAW or a hardware mixer, it can be rather intimidating. Aside from all of the controls, there’s the terminology to… Read More

Mercury Prize 2013 – Jon Hopkins’ Gear

Mercury Prize 2013

We take a look at some of Mercury nominee Jon Hopkins’ gear… Jon Hopkins is part of a very select group of musicians that have been nominated for a Mercury prize more than once. Back in 2011, his album ‘Insides’ was nominated, and this year, current album ‘Immunity’ made the shortlist. (In addition, his collaboration… Read More

Review: Four Great Ableton Controllers

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The number of dedicated Ableton controllers is growing steadily – here are four of the best… It seems that there are more dedicated Ableton controllers than for any other DAW, these days. But, given its live performance credentials, it stands to reason that users would need ways to exploit it. With such a variety of… Read More

How To Make Beats – Five Great Tools

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The question of how to make beats is one that is asked regularly – here are five tools to get started Beat creation has, in some musical genres, become separate sub-section of modern production. There are some legendary pioneers of this area of music, most notably the late, great J-Dilla. If you’re new to production,… Read More

Which Audio Interface Do I Need?

Five Great Compact Audio Interfaces

Deciding which audio interface to buy can be a bit bewildering – here’s a guide to help you find what you need It’s fair to see that, within these pages, I regularly enthuse about the incredible power and functionality offered by even modest home studios these days. The problem with having easy access to such… Read More