Komplete 10 Review

Komplete 10 Review

Literally every sound you’ll ever need While thinking of things to include in this article, I was reminded of a conversation I had with a fellow gear-nerd. We were discussing various brands of guitar amplifier, including a high-end American brand favoured by Carlos Santana. Said brand had recently released its updated flagship series, and despite… Read More

Mogwai’s Barry Burns On Using Komplete


Keyboard player discusses the need for Komplete control (Photo used under Creative Commons – http://flickr.com/people/wonker/) Mogwai, the Scottish instrumentalists, seem to have been around forever. The veteran band has put out eight standard albums, three compilations, 12 extended players, two remix albums and three film scores in 23 productive years together. Each charts the sonic journey of a… Read More

What’s New In Maschine 2.0?

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Native’s production workstation has been updated – so, what’s new in Maschine 2.0? The Native Instruments catalogue is stuffed with an embarrassment of riches these days. Undoubtedly, Maschine is one of its premium ranges, and one whose updates and developments are scrutinised in great detail. The hybrid hardware/ software production workstation has established itself as… Read More

Traktor Kontrol S4 MKII Review

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The flagship DJ controller in Native’s range is updated, but is it better? We find out in our Traktor Kontrol S4 MKII review The updates to Native Instruments’ all-in-one DJ controller models (the S2 and S4) were big news upon launch. These two controllers are very highly thought of, and provide the closest control over… Read More

Review: Traktor Kontrol S2 MkII

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Native’s ever-popular controller gets an update – we take a look in our Traktor Kontrol S2 MkII review Native Instruments has been at the forefront of DJ software technology since the very beginning. Its Traktor package was one of, if not the first truly professional solution for the DJ working with a computer. Since then,… Read More

Types Of Synthesis

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Different types of synthesis result in very different sounds – here’s a guide to some of the most common types As technology has evolved, the methods used by synthesizers to generate their sounds have changed. Nowadays, there is a myriad of different ways that synths operate, each with their own characteristic sound. The differences between… Read More

Native Releases Its DJ App For iPhone

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As Native Instruments Releases Its Traktor DJ App for iPhone, we ask, ‘is iOS DJing about to go stratospheric?’ There are few greater technological powers in the world of the DJ than Native Instruments. With Traktor, it has redefined what is possible from computer-based DJ tech. Earlier this year, it took step into another emerging… Read More

Native Instruments Tease New Beat Making Software Instrument

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New beat making software instrument from Native Instruments? It seems it’s on its way… Native Instruments has been busy in 2013, and it’s not resting any time soon- we are due a new beat making software instrument soon, it would seem. So far this year, we’ve seen the excellent Traktor DJ app, a forthcoming new… Read More

Traktor DJ App Launched For iPad

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Traktor DJ provides Native’s industry leading DJ software in a new, iPad compatible form… You might remember that a few weeks ago, Native Instruments teased a new iPad related product via its Facebook page- well, now Traktor DJ, a new iPad compatible DJ package has been revealed. This new iOS app takes key elements of… Read More

Native Instruments DJ Software for iPad?

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As images appear on Native Instruments ’ Traktor Facebook page, we ask ‘is Traktor set for Launch for iPad?’ It seems that despite a relatively quiet NAMM show, Native Instruments has been ‘keeping its powder dry’ so to speak. However, if images that have recently appeared on the Traktor Facebook are anything to go by,… Read More