Using The BV512 Vocoder In Reason

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The BV512 Vocoder is one of Reason’s top tools for vocal effects – here’s how it works… The vocoder is one of the most distinctive effects in a producer’s sonic arsenal, and Reason’s BV512 Vocoder is one of the best ‘virtual’ examples around. This effect can remain a bit of a mystery to many, however…. Read More

Dance Music Production Techniques – Pump Compression

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In Dance music production, the use of pump compression is now widespread- here’s how it’s done… Abuse of musical gear (i.e. using it in ways it wasn’t intended) has underpinned nearly every modern musical movement. Rock was born out of players overdriving their amps, Jazz players constantly pushed to find ways of squeezing new sounds… Read More

Lock Your Grooves With The ReGroove Mixer

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The ReGroove Mixer in Reason is something that, when you know how to use it, you won’t be able to live without The ReGroove mixer in Reason is one of the tools that are rather hidden away, compared to the other rack devices. So much so, in fact, that many don’t use it at all…. Read More

Programming a Drum Machine With Reason

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Programming a drum machine can be straightforward and rewarding – here we program Reason’s Redrum as an example The word ‘programming’ conjures up images of computer screens full of code that make little sense to any one other than those with a degree in computer science. Programming a drum machine, by the same token, is… Read More

Propellerhead And The Evolution Of The Software Studio

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There are few companies that have contributed more than Propellerhead in the development of the software studio… Swedish software developer Propellerhead has got the magic touch, it would seem, when it comes to creating groundbreaking software. Every product to leave its studio has had a lasting impact on the musical world. Here’s a potted history… Read More

How to Manipulate Loops in Dr Octorex

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Reason’s Dr. Octorex has loop manipulating power to spare – here’s a tour of its many charms The Reason rack has many powerful tools at its disposal, but the Dr Rex and its replacement, Dr Octorex have to be one of its most ingenious and powerful. This innocuous rack unit can, and often is, used… Read More

Cakewalk RE-2A Rack Extension Available for Reason 6.5

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The Propellerhead Reason Rack Extension library expands with the Cakewalk RE-2A levelling compressor The new Cakewalk RE-2A rack extension represents something of a landmark for Roland’s computer music division. This is the first plug-in developed for Propellerhead Reason, and it’s a very appealing proposition… Whereas Cakewalk/ Roland’s hardware products have been the backbone of many… Read More

Propellerhead Reason Rack Extensions – The Latest

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An update on the hugely anticipated Propellerhead Reason 6.5, now with Rack Extensions The forthcoming release of Propellerhead Reason 6.5 is undoubtedly the most anticipated update in the Swedish developer’s history. Whilst all previous updates were greeted with passionate fervour from Reason’s insanely dedicated fans, version 6.5 opens up a wider musical world to its… Read More

Propellerhead Rack Extensions for Reason Announced

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Propellerhead Reason users got a big reason to be cheerful yesterday, as Rack Extensions expandability was revealed When Propellerhead Rack Extensions technology was revealed at a press conference yesterday, it was an announcement of a type that many thought would never happen. Reason will soon be expandable with additional virtual effects and devices. In typical… Read More

Six more Reasons…


Everybody’s favourite soft-studio is back for version 6, and alongside a plethora of new toys to add flavour to your musical creations, Reason 6 has a major new addition… Perhaps Reason’s greatest strength is the fact that it has always been designed as a self-contained studio. And a mighty fine job it does. Unless of… Read More