What Is Quantization?

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It’s one of the common and most useful features of music software, but what is quantization? These days, the modern DAW (digital audio workstation) software package has many powerful features that have evolved out of the hardware studio. Whereas, once upon a time, the hub of a computer-based studio was a MIDI sequencer, which simply… Read More

Five Great Compact Audio Interfaces

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As the mobile production set-up becomes the norm, we take a look at five great, compact audio interfaces As the portable recording rig becomes an astonishingly powerful reality (and rapidly becomes the norm), there are certain bits of gear that are essential to these new, pared-down set-ups. The hub of everything is, of course, the… Read More

Great Tools For Live Electronic Music Performance

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Live electronic music performance is no longer a case of just hitting ‘play’ – here are some great tools to help… Once upon a time, performing electronic music live was something of a task. Actually keeping a ‘live’ element was the main task, as was ensuring it wasn’t much more than Karaoke. The other problem… Read More

Simple Ways To Revolutionise Your Studio Work

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What to freshen up your working practice? – Here are some ways to revolutionise your studio work… Inspiration is an elusive thing, and one that certain bad practices can chase away. For example, routine is good in terms of providing discipline in the creative world (ideas don’t come to you- you have to go out… Read More

Home Studio Gear Issues – Common Problems and Fixes

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There are some home studio gear issues that crop up regularly, so here are some common problems and their fixes… When you talk thousands of people every day about setting up home studios, as the guys at Dawsons do, you get a real sense of the common, reoccurring issues and obstacles that aspiring producers and… Read More

Why Is The Shure Bullet Microphone Great For Harmonica?

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Among harp players, it’s an icon, but why is the Shure Bullet Microphone great for harmonica? We find out… Though some bits of gear in the musical world were born ‘perfect’ for the use that they were intended, some accidentally found iconic status by being used in a manner for which they were not intended…. Read More

Great Uses For An SM57

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It’s often described as a Swiss Army Knife of mics – here are four great uses for an SM57 to prove it… In the world of microphones, the Shure SM57 is highly respected by just about every producer and engineer in the world. This is because, when pointed at just about any audio source, the… Read More

Choosing Studio Monitors

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You might know that you need a set, but how do you go about choosing studio monitors? A good pair of monitor speakers is one of the most essential tools for creating great mixes. Essentially, they are the interface between the music and the engineer’s ears, providing an accurate picture of what is actually happening… Read More

What Is Mastering?

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It’s one of the most mysterious aspects of the music production process – so what is mastering? When producing a record, there are often several stages to the process. Firstly, there’s the ‘demo’ stage, where songs or tracks are sketched out, arranged and recorded to a high, but not ‘highest’ quality. Next, there is recording… Read More

What Is Panning?

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Once a technique for sifting gold from river dirt, now a standard feature of mixers and DAWS – but what is panning? As a beginner, when you look at a mixing desk, either within your DAW or a hardware mixer, it can be rather intimidating. Aside from all of the controls, there’s the terminology to… Read More