The Korg Monotron, a Great Stocking-filler

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The Korg Monotron is the ideal stocking filler for synth lovers… The Korg Monotron could well be the smallest synthesiser ever made. With a chassis just 12cm by 7cm, and weighing just 95g, it redefines the term ‘compact synth’. When it is considered that the Monotron is fully analogue, and features the filter circuit from… Read More

Nord Sample Library Expands

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Nord Sample Library Expanded with Optigan and Orchestron Sounds One of the best things about owning many of Nord’s synths is that with are entitled to download Nord’s online library of superb sounds. And, as this library is constantly updated, this means that your instrument is always gaining more and more sounds. These sounds are… Read More

Synth Jargon Buster -Part 2


The Second Part in our Guide to Synthesiser Jargon We continue our journey through the sometimes confusing world of synthesiser jargon with the very un-confusingly titled ‘Synth Jargon Buster –Part 2’ (part one can be found here). Before we move along, it is worth stating that knowing just what these terms mean is incredibly useful,… Read More

Synth Jargon Buster -Part 1


A brief guide to unravelling some of the jargon associated with synthesizers…   The synthesiser is a wonderful thing. Capable of recreating the sounds of real instruments, or creating entirely new soundscapes, your imagination is often the only limit to what is possible. However, it can be a strange and mysterious world for a newcomer,… Read More

Korg Monotribe – Five Minute Review

Korg Monotribe

Analogue synths were once the preserve of those with deep pockets and huge amounts of space and time (for maintenance…). But, no longer are they the ‘practical’ option, with reliable digital synths providing smaller, lighter options for the gigging musician, and with ‘realistic’ sounds. But, if you want your sounds warm, fat, and, well, slightly… Read More

Yamaha MOX Synthesizers- The Complete Studio Solution

Yamaha MOX6

When choosing a workstation synthesiser, there is often a need to ‘trade-off’ between features and price, or simply choose between one workstation that that would require extra equipment to have the functionality of another (although often, the included ‘extra’ functionality in these cases is somewhat ‘light’ in features in comparison to buying a separate device… Read More

Korg Monotribe and Korg Wavedrum Mini Spotted With Brett Domino…

Korg Monotribe

Whilst there are many great instruments produced at any point in time, a great instrument remains, merely, a great instrument, until it is picked up by a genius. Then it becomes iconic. Think Jimi Hendrix, and you think of a Fender Strat. Jimmy Page and his Les Paul are synonymous. John Lennon’s Rickenbacker 325 is… Read More