TC Electronic BH250 Review

TC Electronic BH250 Review

Toneprint versatility in a ludicrously light bass amp head – We take a look in our TC Electronic BH250 Review

The TC Electronic BH250 bass amp head continues the integration of its groundbreaking Toneprint technology into its amp range, the first of these being the BG250 combo. This new model, however, packs the technology into a 250-Watt bass amp head that weighs a mere 1.8kg.

Promising classic TC tone and reliability, combined with Toneprint flexibility, plus 250 Watts of power in such a portable box, this could be a great, do-it-all solution for the bassist. But is it?

We find out in our TC Electronic BH250 Review.

TC Electronic BH250 Review

Like the Tardis, it’s big on the inside…

The TC Electronic BH250 measures just 8.7” x 2.5” x 9.1”, and at 1.8kg is small and light enough to fit in a rucksack or even pocket of a gigbag. Despite this, in what seems like another twist of Nordic magic, the Danish company has made the BH250 capable of delivering a whopping 250-Watts of power. This is delivered via a 4-Ohm Speakon output.

If you haven’t seen the Toneprint technology yet, well, this also akin to some sort of Nordic Witchcraft. It allows TC Electronic effects to be ‘beamed’ to the unit via an iPhone or Android phone (or via the USB connection from a host computer). This means that the onboard effects can be switched in seconds via the Toneprint app. The effects compatible with this unit are Chorus, Flanger, Vibrato, Octaver, SpectraComp and BassDrive. In addition, Toneprint settings created by TC artists are available.

TC Electronic BH250 Review

A built in bass tuner, for 4, 5 or 6 string basses adds further convenience to the TC Electronic BH250, and it shares the intelligently contoured tone controls of the BG250. These cut and boost to effectively make more harmonic ‘space’ when tweaking tone. In a nutshell, the result is a far more ‘musical’ EQ that allows you to get the tone you want without making things ‘muddy’.

Here are the BH250 ‘s Key Features:

  • Ultra compact and light – Weighs just 1.8kg, and small enough to fit in a gig bag
  • Toneprint technology – ‘beam’ new effects, and signature tones via an iPhone or Android phone
  • Variety of Toneprint effects – Flanger, BassDrive, SpectraComp, Chorus and Octaver
  • Built in tuner – for 4, 5, and 6 string basses
  • Contoured EQ

In Use

You might expect that a unit this small might be exaggerating its credentials somewhat with regard to its power. It is, after all, tiny. The BH250 is no braggart- it pumps out a staggeringly big sound. It doesn’t compromise tone, either.Clear and punchy, with full, rounded bottom end, it’s an amp that fully lives up to TC’s enviable reputation.

The contoured EQ is very useful, too. It’s hard to explain without using it, but it just sort of, well, ‘clears the area’ around it. Very neat.

TC Electronic BH250 Review

Much has been written about TC’s Voiceprint technology. To have it included here is a stroke of genius. When used with the Toneprint app, (beaming settings from a smartphone via the pickup of the connected bass) it truly feels like magic.


With specifications and features like this, the TC Electronic BH250 will appeal to a whole range of players. As a main bass amp, it is light, powerful, versatile and incredibly convenient and crucially, it sounds great. However, for rehearsals, it’s easily transportable, and could be the ideal tool for the job. It’s perfect as a backup- it’s affordable (SSP is currently projected as £249– less than a pound per Watt!) and could be slipped into a gigbag. It’s a very versatile little unit, to be sure…

TC Electronic BH250 Review

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