TC Electronic Dark Matter Distortion and MojoMojo Overdrive

These two new distortion pedals from TC Electronic will find pride of place on many pedal boards…

TC Dark Matter Distortion

Dark Matter Distortion is made to sound just like a cranked tube amp, currently a highly desired tone for many players. By providing this in a small pedal unit, TC have given more choice to the vast number of guitarists who can’t just go out and buy a high gain tube amp! Subtle overdrive to fat and heavy crunch is possible, providing a good variety of options.

Crisp lead tones are available in a flash and the dynamic design of the Dark Matter Distortion lets you have a lot of gain control through pickup switching, guitar volume level and picking intensity, like you would expect from real valves! A voice switch provides access to the two independent voicing settings on this pedal and individual treble and bass dials give you complete control of your sound, just as it should be.

TC Mojomojo Overdrive

MojoMojo overdrive is great for giving a bit more depth and feel to your clean tones while when pushed it can provide some clear and smooth rhythm tones. Again designed with dynamic tube amp versatility in mind, you can shape your tone using your guitar’s pickup selector and volume knobs, the MojoMojo overdrive is a serious contender for giving you valve tone in a pocket sized box.

It features the same controls as the Dark Matter Distortion but with less gain and more headroom for even more dynamics! TC Electronic has designed this circuit with low end retention in mind so you can get dirty tone while staying defined and loud.

When used together these two great new pedals give you a blistering lead tone and are perfect partners for live use where a variety of overdrive and distortion tones are required. These pedals are also fitted with a true bypass so they’re only there when you need them and can be powered with either battery or by using a TC Electronic power adaptor.

TC Dark Matter Distortion in our Online StoreTC Electronic MojoMojo Overdrive

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