TC Electronic Rottweiler Distortion

TC Electronic Rottweiler Distortion Pedal

TC Electronic Rottweiler distortion pedal unveiled

Adding to TC’s acclaimed range of guitar effects, the TC Electronic Rottweiler distortion pedal provides authentic high gain distortion, replicating real tube amps. Whilst there are many ‘metal distortion’ pedals available, aimed at crushingly distorted tones, the Rottweiler, is an ‘old-dog’ with some very new tricks.

Housed in a super-tough aluminium casing, the TC Electronic Rottweiler is a pedal designed for a life of gigging and being stomped on, much like all of TC Electronic ‘s pedals. It is beneath this chunky exterior that it differs from every other Metal/ Hi Gain distortion pedal. The TC Rottweiler distorts via asymmetrical soft clipping. In the world outside of the science lab, this means that it distorts like a real tube amp would. And this is something that no other pedal of its type does.

TC Electronic Rottweiler Distortion PedalAnother common failing of hi-gain pedals is that they can disappear in the mix, when used in a live situation, but this is not the case with the TC Rottweiler. A ‘voice switch’ allows for two different EQ voicing for the midrange, allowing two different levels of mid ‘bite’. TC describe these as being a switch between ‘classic rock and ‘death metal’. In addition, active treble and bass EQ controls allow for extra tonal contouring.

The TC Electronic Rottweiler is designed around a true bypass circuit, meaning that the pedal will not affect guitar tone when the pedal is not active. It also features an easy access battery compartment, via a single screw.

A pedigree, both in terms of tone and construction, it seems assured that the TC Rottweiler will be ‘growling’ its way into many guitarists pedal boards.

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