TC Helicon Voicelive Play GTX Guitar and Vocal Processor Revealed

TC Helicon Voicelive Play GTX Vocal and Guitar Effects Unit

The TC Helicon Voicelive Play GTX – an effects unit designed for singing guitarists

The TC Helicon Voicelive Live GTX is another new addition to the Voicelive range of live vocal processors. Taking the technology from the Voicelive Play, discussed earlier in this blog, the GTX is adds in a range of features specifically geared towards guitarists. With amp models and effects for electric and acoustic guitars, along with Voicelive vocal processing, this could an all-in-one solution for those who like to sing and play…

TC Helicon Voicelive Play GTX Vocal and Guitar Effects Unit

No Amp Required

In appearance, the TC Helicon Voicelive Play GTX, unsurprisingly, bears more than a passing resemblance to the Voicelive Play. The unit has the same shape, and features the same array of controls, with three button footswitches mounted on the front panel. Beneath the surface, however, the GTX has much more to offer. The box that the Voicelive Play GTX ships in is emblazoned with the words “Complete Guitar Effects Processing Inside. No Amp Required.” Bold words indeed, but words that are entirely true. The Voicelive Play GTX is equipped with a guitar effects processor capable of amp modelling, alongside an arsenal of traditional guitar favourites, such as distortion, overdrive, chorus, reverb, delay and flange. With balanced stereo outputs, the unit can be connected directly to a mixer or PA system, without the need for an amplifier.

TC Helicon Voicelive Play GTX Vocal and Guitar Effects Unit

Harmony key set by guitar input

The Voicelive Play GTX, then, is well equipped for guitar tones, but how does it fare as a vocal processor? As you may expect from a brand that specialises in voice processing tools, it fares very well indeed. Alongside the usual reverbs, choruses and modulation effects are distortions, megaphone, robot, pitch correction, doubling and many more. Where the GTX really stands out, however, is the implementation of its harmoniser. The type used on the Voicelive Play GTX can take the information about musical key (from which it generates appropriate harmonies) from the units own settings, but also from MIDI input or even from the guitar part being played through the device.

The TC Helicon Voicelive Play GTX features then same pitch meter for analysing the accuracy of vocal performances (particularly useful for rehearsals), and HIT mode as the standard Voicelive Play. The additional guitar effects processor is likely to make this a very appealing device for the singing guitarist, presenting an incredibly convenient and powerful unit for live performance.

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