The Farm Play Farida to Promote Spartacus Tour

The Farm

The Farm Guitarist, and LIPA lecturer, Keith Mullen, uses his Farida on the BBC Breakfast Show

The Farm are to join the fray in what promises to be a summer reliving the dance-fuelled indie scene of the early ‘90s. The Stone Roses and Happy Mondays all have scheduled tours, and now, The Farm are heading out on the road, breaking a hiatus that began in 1996, to play their seminal, critically acclaimed album Spartacus in its entirety.

The Farm - Spartacus

Though The Farm were often categorised as a part of the ‘90s ‘Baggy’ scene, in many respects, the band were existed to the ‘left’ of that scene (geographically, as well as musically – the band having formed in Liverpool). They even appeared to take a wry poke at those jumping on the ‘Baggy’ bandwagon during that era, with the second hit single from Spartacus, ‘Groovy Train’. But, as I’m sure you’ll agree, with ‘Altogether Now’ and ‘Groovy Train’ no doubt now buzzing through your head, this was a band capable of marrying accessible pop sensibilities with credible music.

The Farm -NME

Now, those who spent the summer of 1990 and 1991 groovin’ to The Farm can hear Spartacus performed live for the first time. Those too young to have heard it the first time around stand to get the best possible introduction. And it seems that guitarist, Keith Mullen, may well be making a Farida D32E acoustic guitar a part of his touring set-up…

Farida D32e

Acoustic performance on BBC One Breakfast

Earlier this month, Keith and vocalist, Peter Hooton were interviewed on the BBC One Breakfast show, to promote the new tour, and closed the show with a stunning acoustic version of ‘Altogether Now’. The song was given a pared-back, more fragile arrangement that, as is often the case, showed just what a great song it is. For the performance, Keith chose to use a Farida D32E acoustic guitar. This cedar topped dreadnought, with eye catching quilted mahogany back and sides has won plaudits since its launch, and its charms haven’t escaped Keith…

In the interim period, since The Farm took its, er… extended break, Keith became a full time lecturer at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA). Sharing his extensive knowledge of the industry and the guitar (who could forget the distinctive chiming riff throughout ‘Groovy Train’?), he is helping to shape the next generation of influential artists. In this regard, his ‘stamp of approval’ counts for a lot, and adds to the growing number of artists who are discovering the best kept secret in the acoustic guitar world…

Tickets for The Farm ‘s Spartacus tour are on sale now.

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