The Korg Monotron, a Great Stocking-filler

Korg Monotron

The Korg Monotron is the ideal stocking filler for synth lovers…

The Korg Monotron could well be the smallest synthesiser ever made. With a chassis just 12cm by 7cm, and weighing just 95g, it redefines the term ‘compact synth’. When it is considered that the Monotron is fully analogue, and features the filter circuit from the legendary Korg MS20 and MS10 synths, it can be seen that this is far more than the toy it first appears to be…

True Analogue Tone

The Korg Monotron is designed around a ribbon style controller, which controls the pitch of the note played. This covers a two-octave range. It is the controls above, however, that make things really interesting… The Monotron features all analogue circuitry, meaning that the tone is warm and full, with a filter that is capable of all manner of bonkers analogue squealing. Combine this with an LFO that can be assigned to pitch or filter, with depth control and rate control, and you have a compact, battery powered synth which delivers the kind of extreme sonic weirdness previously only found on vintage synthesisers.

The Korg Monotron is a superb stocking-filler. Costing just £49.99, and delivering classic analogue synth tone in a package that actually will fit in a stocking, it is guaranteed to put a smile on the face of any synth lover.

Order online here or for more information, call our stores or customer service team (01925 582420).

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