The Metronome You Can Plough a Field With


And you thought a metronome that would fit in your case was handy…

The metronome is an item that is useful for just about any musician, playing any instrument. Like the sunrise and sunset, the metronome has been keeping the world in sync seemingly forever. As there are many different circumstances and situations that people use metronomes, there are an astonishing number available, in just about every possible shape, size, and configuration, with a myriad of different features. However, this a new one on us. It keeps a steady bpm of around 150, requires no batteries, gets about 20mpg, and can be employed to plough a field…

This has got to be one of the most ingenious uses of an old tractor I’ve ever seen (I particularly enjoyed the percussion ‘solo’ breakdowns), and considering it’s a bit rusty, it’s got pretty good ‘feel’. If I had to criticise, I’d say that it never really gets out of first gear, but hey.

Korg MA-30 Metronome

Whilst it could be very handy (perhaps) to have a metronome to drive around in, most find that one that will fit in a guitar/ instrument case or pocket is generally a bit more useful. You could do far worse than the trusty Korg MA30. This pocket-sized metronome has an LCD display, alongside a ‘click’ with adjustable volume. Tempo can be adjusted from 40-208bpm, as can rhythm patterns, and it has an earphone jack for isolated use (such that only you can hear it). Or you could get a fresh tank of gas, and fire up ‘Old Bessie’. She may be old, but she sure can swing…

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