The Morpheus Bomber Pedal

Morpheus Bomber Guitar Effects Pedal

The Morpheus Bomber Polyphonic Pitch Shift Pedal

The Morpheus Bomber represents the cutting edge of guitar pitch shifting effects technology. Building on the success of the Droptune and Capo pedals, the Bomber offers features never before seen in a pitch bend pedal, and all features can be easily accessed without the need to bend down.

Three Octave Range!

Unlike many of the available pitch shifters on the market, the Morpheus Bomber uses polyphonic algorithms. This means that all strings can be shifted in unison, accurately, without any nasty audio ‘artefacts’. For everyone who has enjoyed using a guitar tremolo system, up until the point that guitar has gone (very swiftly) out of tune, this is likely to be a hugely appealing prospect. And, unlike traditional tremolo system, the range the Bomber is capable of is vast. It can be set to bend up to two octaves up, or an incredible three octaves down. This presents the prospect of astonishing dive-bombs, and never-before-seen effects. Other tricks that the Bomber has in its arsenal are the ability to up-tune to 3 ½ steps in ½ step increments, octaver effect, and 12-string effect.

Morpheus Bomber Guitar Effects Pedal

The Morpheus Bomber has been designed such that the use can operate it using only their feet- no more bending down mid-set. Bend range can be set quickly and easily from the two front panel switches. And, with a heavy-duty metal chassis, and bright backlighting, a lifetime of hassle free stage use seems assured.

The Morpheus Bomber is in stock right now, with a current price of £239.99. Call our stores or customer service team (01925 582420), or order online today,
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  1. Doesit have a spring system to keep the pedal up or is more like a crybaby wah that can stay in the middle by itself?

    • Hi Razazel,

      Sorry for the late reply. The pedal is a rocker type like a Crybaby, not sprung, so it can be set and left.



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