Tyros 4 10th Anniversary Limited Edition Black

Tyros 4 10th Anniversary

The last few Yamaha Tyros 4 10th anniversary models are still available…

The Yamaha Tyros 4 10th anniversary limited edition celebrates a decade of the Tyros’ position at the top of the keyboard arranger world. The Tyros raised the bar for all instruments of its type when it was launched in 2002.

Combining its cutting edge sound generation technology with a powerful arranger, and accompaniment styles of a standard never heard before, the Tyros was a truly ‘game-changing’ keyboard. Since the initial model, the Tyros has evolved into an astonishingly powerful instrument. Now incorporating 2nd generation Super-articulated sounds, Yamaha’s top piano sounds, audio recording and more, the Tyros 4 is a true- powerhouse.

To commemorate 10 years of this musical icon, Yamaha has released a limited edition Tyros 4 10th anniversary edition in black, packed with extras, and with a production run of only 2,500 units worldwide. Dawsons have a few of the stunning collectable instruments still available…

Yamaha Tyros 5 Reasons to Buy the Tyros 4 Limited Edition

We think this Tyros is pretty special so here are our top 5 reasons to buy;

  • Limited Edition
  • Black
  • Pre-Installed Flashboard
  • Super Articulated Sounds
  • Extra Features

Tyros 4 10th Anniversary

Vintage Keyboard Pack

The Tyros 10th anniversary model is a complete package, finished in sleek black with matching speaker system. Whilst it contains all of the superb sounds and accompaniments of the original, this limited edition comes complete with a pre-installed flashboard containing a Vintage Keyboard sound pack. This features 30 recreations of classic keyboards and electric pianos, including the legendary Yamaha DX7 and CP80. Ten additional styles are also included, along with 3-multi pad banks and 2 registration banks.

With only 2,500 of these instruments to be produced, each with a commemorative certificate, the Tyros 4 10th Anniversary is a highly collectable instrument. At Dawsons we were lucky enough get some of these in stock, and now we are down to the last ‘handful’.

Tyros 4 Anniversary Pack

If you’d like to grab one of these highly limited keyboards, call our stores or customer service team (01925 582420) or order online today.

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  1. larry pagliarello says:

    Hi, I expect to be in London soon and wonder if I could see a 10th anniversary special ed/black.Please let me know if you have it in stock? your best price?w/travel flight case from yamaha.email me asap thank you!

    • Hi Larry,

      Thanks for your enquiry. Sadly, all of our 10th anniversary models have now sold- sorry! I wish we could help you more.

      Kind Regards


  2. Ednaldo Neiva says:

    Hi! I am Ednaldo I want to get one of this yamaha tyros 4 what do I do?

  3. Ednaldo Neiva says:

    I would buy this instrument yamha tyros 4 10th anniversary special ed/black please send me the better way to get one, thanks for all the imformations
    Thanks for this helps
    Ednaldo Neiva

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