Weird And Wonderful Guitarists Presents

Buying for a tricky guitar player? Here’s a guide to weird and wonderful guitarists presents for the player who has everything…

Weird And Wonderful Guitarists Presents
Musicians tend to develop a condition known as G.A.S. (gear acquisition syndrome) over time. They indulge their love of music by buying it endless gifts of music gear…

As a result, you often find that your musical friends will have every imaginable bit of music gear. It would seem there is nothing you add to this collection of instruments and equipment, if you wanted to buy them a present.

Thankfully, there are all manner of useful, weird and wonderful items that they are unlikely to have even thought of.

Here we present a list of gifts for the guitarist with everything.

Fender Cutting Board

Weird And Wonderful Guitarists Presents

Yes, you read that correctly. If the guitarist in question also likes to work some creative magic in the kitchen, then these are perfect. Made from recycled alder, shaped to a Tele or Stratocaster body shape and with Fender branding, this is a great way of combining two passions.

Look at that- I managed to get through that without a single mention of great chops, or shredding…

Planet Waves Pick Holder With LED

Weird And Wonderful Guitarists Presents
This is a handy, pocket sized gadget which is useful for anyone who plays gigs on darkened stages, or has a habit of loosing plectrums (sorry, plectra…) no matter how hard they try.

At the end of a regular key chain is a small unit, which will hold 4 or 5 plectrums. In addition, a blue LED activated by a button on the device is bright enough to read the controls of your pedal board (or find the keyhole on your fornt door/ car on these cold winter mornings…)

It even holds keys!

Electro Harmonix Ravish Sitar

Weird And Wonderful Guitarists Presents

EHX is no stranger to unusual guitar effects, but the Ravish Sitar is undoubtedly one of its most unusual. It changes a regular guitar tone to a sitar-like tone, complete with drone notes.

The key can be set by playing notes into the pedal, and with the addition of two expression pedals lead notes can be bent, and sympathetic notes can have the volume adjusted.

There really is nothing quite like this pedal. For anyone who may like to add a touch of eastern mystique to their sound, this is perfect.

AKG Mini Wireless Guitar System

Weird And Wonderful Guitarists Presents

Guitarists tend to, well, show off a bit. When they do, they like to wander around a lot, and get close to their audience. The only problem is that the guitar cable can be a bit restrictive when it comes to ‘roaming, the stage.

A wireless guitar system frees the guitarist from these ‘chains’, allowing them to strut the stage, throw shapes and generally roam free.

The AKG Mini Wireless system offers this freedom, in a small package with a low price tag.