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Focusrite VRM Box Headphone Monitoring System

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  • Three virtual rooms and 15 virtual speakers
  • Use alongside any interface with a S/PDIF output
  • High-quality monitoring
  • Portable and robust
  • Bus powered via a USB cable
  • Dynamic range of 108 dBA

The Focusrite VRM Box is a playback only soundcard with a 108dB (A-weighted) wide dynamic range, capable of playing 24-bit, 192kHz audio with Virtual Reference Monitoring technology for the ultimate headphone mixing experience. As it is USB bus-powered it is simple to set-up and can be used with a laptop, without requiring a plug socket or additional batteries. For Pro Tools HD users there is also an S/PDIF digital input capable of receiving 192kHz signals.

The Problem

VRM (Virtual Reference Monitoring) is Focusrite’s own loudspeaker & room simulator designed for headphone listening. Accurate mixing has until now, required expensive monitors and a carefully designed and treated control room. Currently, both professional music producers facing budgetary limitations and project music makers without access to such, frequently encounter mixing and "auditioning" difficulties.

The Solution

VRM allows you to choose from 10 pairs of industry standard nearfield and main monitors in an acoustically treated control room.

Engineers routinely A/B their mixes by burning CDs and taking them into untreated rooms to reference on consumer stereos. VRM eliminates this process by simulating two extra rooms; a large living room and a smaller bedroom. You can choose between a range of speakers including quality hi-fi, computer, cheap stereo and television speakers. As with the control room simulation, you can select between a number of listening positions to check stereo imaging and observe the effects of typical room modes on your mixes.

Mix in your studio, wherever you are.

Focusrite’s patent-pending and proven VRM – Virtual Reference Monitoring – technology, lets hear your mix in different environments, through different speakers and from different positions, just using headphones. Enhanced mathematical room models combine with speaker emulations, sampled using a unique dynamic convolution ‘sampling’ process.

Make the most of your headphones

With a dynamic range of 108dB (A-weighted), VRM Box provides a significant audio upgrade from low-grade laptop headphone outputs (which commonly only provide around 92 or 93dB), with an audio quality the equal of interfaces ten times its price.

Pocket sized and built to last

The compact size and robust build quality of VRM Box means it’s ready to go anywhere, any time.

Pro Tools Native and HD friendly

VRM Box features a digital input, allowing you to run it alongside your Pro Tools HD interface, or any interface

ModelVRM Box
Automatic Sample Rate ConversionYes
Supported Sample RatesContinuous from 32kHz to 192kHz
THD+N< -110dB any sample rate
CROSSTALK (Channel Isolation)
Any Output to Output> 100dB
D/A Dynamic Range120dB (A-weighted)
Measured D/A Dynamic Range108dB (A-weighted)
Clock SourceInternal Clock only Clock jitter < 250 picoseconds
Supported Sample Rates44.1kHz & 48kHz
2 Input Channels to ComputerS/PDIF (2)
2 Output Channels from ComputerHeadphones (2)
D/A Dynamic Range120dB (A-weighted)
Measured D/A Dynamic Range108dB (A-weighted)
Clock SourceInternal Clock only Clock jitter < 250 picoseconds
Supported Sample Rates44.1kHz & 48kHz

  • Pro setup at an affordable price!

    Overall Rating
    Posted on 29/10/2012 by

    I tried this in store while having a play around with some basic beats and loops. I think this is possibly the clearest sound I've had playing into my ears, the frequencies are so crisp, detailed and pure. It puts the speakers I use in the studio to shame. Would definitely recommend for anyone who ACTUALLY likes to listen to all of their sound!

  • Amazing alternative to monitor speakers when space and budget limits options

    Overall Rating
    Posted on 04/10/2012 by

    This is a truly amazing bit of kit for any home producer. The speaker simulators are great and cover a good range of types and brands. I would recommend using a good pair of headphones with this device though to get the absolute best out of it. For the money and space it takes up everyone should have one, even if you already have a great studio speaker set up. Recommended.

  • Essential piece of gear for musicians who want to mix and master at home

    Overall Rating
    Posted on 05/06/2012 by

    Essential piece of gear for musicians who want to mix and master at home. Many of the speaker simulations aren't useful but the ones that are make up for the rest. I use about 6 different speakers to get mixes balanced with this device, and before it would be impossible unless you have access to a mastering studio. Once your mix sounds good on a range of speakers you can be pretty confident it will sound good to 90% of listeners. Great buy for the price.

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