At Dawsons we provide a range of kits for a variety of ages, such as the Mirage JDK Junior Drum Kit being an exellent children's drum kit, suitable for players between the ages of 5 - 10, leading to the Mirage Raven, which is practical for ages 8 - adulthood. If room and noise are an issue we have a number of compact electronic drum kits for kids (that are also suitable for adults). These range from the extremely affordable Alesis DM Lite (with free headphones and drumsticks), to the incredible Yamaha DTX400K.

  • 5 Piece Junior Drum Kit (3 COLOUR OPTIONS)

    £129 £139

    • Mirage JDK Junior Drum Kit
      • 5 piece kit - available in wine red, blue and black finishes
      • Recommended for 4 to 8 year olds
      • Very easy to assemble
      • Includes: stool, sticks, pedal, and drum key
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  • Mapex Tornado Drum Kit (2 COLOUR OPTIONS)


    Mapex Tornado Fusion Drum Kit 18 Inch Kick Drum - Blue Buy Now
  • Mirage Raven Drum Kit

    £199 £229

    Mirage Raven Drumkit - Black Buy Now
  • Acoustic Kits

    • Acoustic Drum Kits
      • Realistic sound & feel
      • Cheaper entry-level kits
      • No amplifier or headphones required to play
      • Can be positioned easily to suit the player
      • Loud (both a positive and a negative)
  • Alesis DM Nitro Digital Drum Kit


    • Alesis DM Nitro Digital Drum Kit
      • Eight-piece electronic drumset
      • 40 programmable kits
      • Dual-zone snare pad - capable of rimshots
      • Class compliant USB MIDI output
      • Includes bass drum pedal
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  • Alesis DM Lite Drum Kit Bundle


    Alesis DM Lite Drum Kit Bundle Buy Now
  • Yamaha DTX400K Drum Kit Bundle


    Yamaha DTX400K Digital Drum Kit Buy Now
  • Electronic Kits

    • Electronic Drum Kits
      • Quiet play, with headphones
      • Compact and portable
      • Built-in practice tools and metronomes
      • Multiple kit sounds
      • Easier to record, some have built-in recorders
      • Don’t need tuning