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Korg Monotron Delay Analogue Ribbon Synthesizer

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Korg Monotron Delay

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  • Korg analogue synth technology
  • Awesome Space Delay effect
  • Retro sci-fi paint job
  • Same simple design
  • Powerful LFO with external input

The Korg Monotron Delay is a new addition to the amazing Monotron analogue synth range. Strongly based on the original, this version has two main differences. The biggest is the built in 'Space Delay' that adds amazing musical flexibility to stage performances and enables you to make some seriously cool analogue echo effect sounds. This makes it a far cooler addition to your synth setup than the original.

The other main difference is the retro sci-fi type paint job it has been given. Fans of the original and new converts alike will surely agree that this aesthetic update has made a big difference and adds the kind of visual excitement that makes you just want to pick it up and make some phat, delayed analogue synth sounds.

The simple 5-button design still rings true here, and you can still use the LFO with external sound sources, so it really is just an upgraded Monotron, it has simply gained a cracking look and an analogue effects unit for a more psychedelic sonority. This is really cool device, and really compacts some powerful Korg analogue synth technology into a tiny package, but make no mistake - this little device sounds epic when you run it through a PA and it is perfectly capable of sitting proudly on a stage with the bigger synths!

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