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Line 6 THH12 Handheld Wireless Microphone

Stock code: 69666
Line 6 THH12 Hand Held Wireless Mic for XD V70

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  • Built for the Line 6 XD V70 wireless reciever
  • Low power battery saving mode (limits range)
  • DSP inustry standard microphone emulation
  • Simple to operate
  • Mute button

The Line 6 THH12 Hand Held Wireless Microphone is built for use with the Line 6 XD V70 Wireless system, which offers unparalleled digital performance, retaining much greater dynamic range than other wireless systems to best transmit your performance. The microphone offers high-power and low-power modes (which are a compromise between range/signal strength and battery life, as well as channel select, mute and also a model select, which enables you to accurately emulate the frequency response of a number of industry standard microphones, to get the best out of every voice (with the default setting leaving the signal un-coloured).

This microphone contains a battery compartment and wireless transmitter internally, so all you need to do is switch it on (and make sure it is set to the same channel as the XD V70 receiver) and start performing straight away.

Microphone models: 58 based on* Shure SM58, b58 based on Shure Beta, 835 based on Sennheiser e835, 41 based on* Audio-Technica AE4100, 05 based on Audix OM5. The factory default is to OFF (no modeling DSP).

Size No
ManufacturerLine 6
Microphone TypeDynamic
Microphone Polar PatternCardioid

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