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Marshall JVM210H Head 100Watt Amplifier

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  • Acclaimed 100 watt amplifier head
  • 2 independent, footswitchable channels with six footswitchable modes
  • Studio quality, footswitchable Digital Reverb
  • Critically-acclaimed Speaker Emulated DI (XLR)
  • Revolutionary 4-way footswitch with memory
  • MIDI programmable control for all switches

Five brand-new, professional, all-valve 100 Watt and 50 Watt 2 channel amps, available in both head and combo formats. Both channels offer three footswitchable modes, effectively giving you six Marshall’s in one! Built-in England with pride and armed with 16 controls and six switches, all five JVM2s are easy to understand and are intuitive to use.

Add to this a footswitchable, studio quality Digital Reverb, two footswitchable Master Volumes, two FX Loops, a revolutionary, intelligent 4-way footswitch, MIDI switching capability and the highest gain capability ever found in an all-valve Marshall means each JVM delivers an incredibly broad range of tones and switching options.

ModelJVM210H Head 100 Watt Guitar Amplifier Head
Dimensions (H x W x D) 310 x 750 x 215 mm
Amplifier TypeValve
Controls Volume, Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble x 2, Reverb x 2, Channel Select x 2, Presence, Resonance, FX Loop, Footswitch/Programme
EffectsReverb x 2
Effect Loop Yes x 2
Valves Preamp: 4 x ECC83
Poweramp: 1 x ECC83, 4 x EL34
Wattage100 Watts
Included Accessories Footswitch
Power Supply Cable
Speaker Cable
Unique Features3 Modes per Channel, Programmable Footswitch

  • Marshalls finest product?

    Overall Rating
    Posted on 12/06/2012 by

    The Marshall JVM210 is the best of British in so many ways

    I can think of nothing wrong with this all tube amp head, it runs off EL34 power tubes and no matter what channel or setting you put it on, this head sounds like any Marshall should. This distortion is thick and punchy yet very controllable, the crunch has a nice edge to it and the clean when played with the built in reverb is warm and has a nice texture.

    Marshall have not missed anything with this amp, everything has been thought of, things like 2 volume knobs that you can swap between if you needed to, a pre-amp and a power-amp out at the rear and even an emulated line out for if you wanted to hook it up to a computer to do silent recordings.

    If your playing in your bedroom this amp can be played nice and quite, but when you get the to the gig the tubes really come alive and can be obscenely loud.

    The 2nd guitarist in my band has had one for years and every time he plays it, it makes me want one, which brings me to a point, if your in a band with 2 guitarists, one of you has to have this amp and the other needs a head with 6L6 tubes in, the two when mixed together sounds amazing.

    But is this head any good? Yes, try it and you will want it. Simple as.

  • Better Than The JCM800

    Overall Rating
    Posted on 09/06/2012 by

    I currently owned a DSL100 and TSL100, which sounded okay compared to the JVM210. I owned a JVM410 for a short while but it sounded noisy, I just could not get used to it. I am still exited over the sound of the 210,I am using the Clean Red and the Lead Green mostly and these selections are based on the JCM800. I am very impressed with the sound and incredible features of the head, the FX loop is much better than the TSL[no volume problems] reverb is great, I'm not even using the loop, this head has plenty of sound choices and the footswitch is very usable. I would give this head a 10, but there is probably a custom, modded head out there that might sound better, I am very content with the JVM210. There doesn't seem to be a muddy sound than that of my previous Marshalls, I was pleasantly surprised, and think Marshall has something very versatile here which I strongly recommend everyone gets their hands on.

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