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Marshall MG102FX Guitar Amp

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  • 100-watt guitar amplifier with dual 12-inch speakers
  • Great Marshall tone
  • Headphone output for silent practice
  • Includes footswitch

The MG102FX 100 watt amplifier provides a more traditional format for all of those people who want to pack the heavyweight punch of a pair of twelve inch speakers. The MG102FX delivers awesome Marshall Power and features the same fantastic feature set as the 50w combos in the range. When you need more power to cut through either on stage or in rehearsals the MG102FX truly delivers and what’s more the MG 102FX is supplied with a 2 way footswitch and also benefits from compatibility with STOMPWARE® technology in a revolutionary new controller sold separately allowing you to choose and store your settings, add to these new custom voiced effects in an effects system laid out to allow total flexibility and 3 effects at once! The Marshall MG102FX Amp provides the flexibility and control you need.

Incorporating a separate control for the onboard reverb allows just the right amount of depth to be added to your tone, Delay is also controlled by its own independent control and not only can you add in as much or as little delay as you require what’s more the onboard tap tempo function also allows you to dictate exactly how fast the delay runs. The third effects control provides a three option chorus / phaser / flanger section allowing one of these custom voiced effects to be added into your sound.

Even with the MG102 FX's volume capabilities you still need to be able to practice in private or play along with your favourite tracks so the 3.5mm headphone jack and 3.5mm input jack mean you can play along backstage or at home in relative silence whilst still sampling the awesome tone of a Marshall. The MG102FX also has the added capability of an effects loop which can be engaged from the front panel whilst additional pedals in the loop can be connected via the rear jack sockets. Additional Damping control adds further personality to the tone with each of the two damping settings providing a different feel to the response of the amplifier.

Packed with the latest foot switching technology, incredible effects, on board damping, and most importantly a white script Marshall logo the MG102FX Amplifier provides the confidence and power needed to truly express yourself.

The MG4 Series

Every single amplifier in the range is built to ensure the best quality in tone and what is more every tone inside the new MG is a Marshall tone ensuring you have access to only the best in clean crunch and overdrive sounds. Advances in design have allowed the MG to become more organic and responsive in its tone delivery and through careful design the sound achieved from every MG is more lively, more controlled and more importantly the best ever MG tone yet.

The biggest advance in the way MG provides amplification to the guitarist is in its functionality. Using the tried and tested design principles that are the only way of delivering the best tone, MG also utilises digital controls. Using this foundation the MG achieves not only the best possible sound set but delivers it through the most flexible interface possible putting the guitarist back in control of their sound.

The MG comes with shop presets for each of the tones allowing the guitarist to simply pick a style and play away. Additionally for amplifier purists the amplifier can be placed into manual mode which will allow all of the controls on the front panel to represent exactly the settings on the front panel. Marshall recognise that having presets can be great but ultimately an amplifier is an extension of the guitarists expression, by allowing programmable models (MG15FX and above) to be fully reprogrammed.

MG has inbuilt the revolutionary Marshall designed Stompware technology which was originally designed for the flagship JVM range. Using only a guitar cable an MG in conjunction an MG 4 way foot controller enables Marshall’s STOMPWARE® technology allowing the user to programme their preferred settings using the foot controller. Settings are remembered in the amplifier allowing the guitarist to return again and again to their preferred sounds.

Every emphasis on the new MG is centred on delivering the quality of tone and playability expected from a Marshall Amp ensuring that from the bedroom to the stage the new MG delivers time and again to the expectations of the guitarist.

As technology advances so too the way people use amplifiers has developed. In place of the ¼ headphones and line in sockets the new MG range has 3.5mm jack sockets opening up greater possibilities to the guitarist. By using your headphones from your portable mp3 or CD player you can play an MG to your hearts content without disturbing anyone and by utilising the 3.5mm line in you can play along to your chosen tracks making the MG a perfect practice tool.

Frequency dependant damping has been integrated into every amplifiers circuitry as standard allowing a depth of tone and feeling to the amps sound which is offered in no other amplifier in its class. On larger models such as the 50w and 100w amplifiers an additional damping function has been added so that the user can control the amplifier further providing the ability for the guitarist to really define how they want their sound.

What’s Inside

Unlike previous generations the new MG from Marshall offers a host of new features and functions. Utilising innovative new technology and incorporating Marshall STOMPWARE® the MG offers the highest quality tone in the most flexible format meaning that the guitarist never has to compromise.

Full analogue tone circuits provide the best in high quality amplifier tone, pure organic flexibility. Utilising digitally controlled analogue functions the MG also delivers precise control and superlative flexibility without masking your guitars own sound or making your tone sound processed and artificial.

A frequency dependant damping circuit has been designed into every unit in the range. This means that the sound every MG can achieve mimics the same interaction between amplifier and speaker that occurs in Marshall's professional valve amplification making the amplifier sound and feel alive.

Every MG is built to the highest specification and components have been carefully selected to ensure that every unit exceeds the capabilities and qualities that can only be expected from a Marshall product.

Model MG102FX Guitar Combo Amp
Dimensions (H x W x D) 494 x 674 x 278 mm
EffectsDelay, Chorus, Phaser or Flanger, Reverb
Inputs/Outputs Top panel: INPUT jack (¼” Mono)
PHONES jack (3.5mm Stereo)
MP3/Line input (3.5mm Stereo)
Rear panel: FOOT SW jack
Output100 Watts
Speaker2 x 12 inch
Power supply requirementsAC, local voltage
Included AccessoriesPower cable, 2-Way Footswitch

  • Good all round amp

    Overall Rating
    Posted on 29/06/2012 by

    Had this amp for a year and a half now and it's been very good for me, it can stand any type of genre you want to play and will give you a decent tone with the right settings - apart from heavy metal heavy distortion. I will come to that in a minute.

    This is a good amp if you are gigging and playing live with a band, as when the volume is cranked up just a little bit it is loud enough to play along side a drum kit. You have to be careful of feedback at loud volumes but that's like most amps really. If you are just playing at home then I would suggest you get a smaller model like the MG50FX as this is basically the same as this amp just better for home use.

    The tones you can get on it are great. I mean the variety of tones I've been able to get from it is great but the only downside to this amp is the distortion and overdrive. They're not that great for anything that require a lot of distortion so this amp isn't really suitable for heavy metal and songs like that but for everything else it's great, the clean tones that you can get from it are great - really do like this amp, and what's useful is if you get the 4 channel pedal from Marshall as well then you can set up and save tones into different channels, so with a press of a button you can go from a clean tone to a distorted crunch tone to a full on lead distortion tone.

    Would definitely recommend this amp just make sure you know what the limit on the distortion on this amp is before you get it so you know whether it is the amp for you.

  • Decent amp

    Overall Rating
    Posted on 15/06/2012 by

    The Marshall MG102FX is a decent amp, and has a range of new technology boosting its performance, versatility, and effects. I personally think valve amps are the way forward so I would probably have recommended a valve amp rather than this as it's a transistor, however, if the budget doesn't stretch that far then these are a very good option to consider and they do pack a punch when the volume is cranked up! I personally was impressed with the clean sounds you can get from the amp.

  • Great

    Overall Rating
    Posted on 11/06/2012 by

    This Marshall amp provides more than enough power to be used in practise or at live gigs. Although it’s heavy, it is still easy to transport around which is required if you're out gigging a lot.

  • Great

    Overall Rating
    Posted on 11/06/2012 by

    This Marshall amp provides more than enough power to be used in practise or at live gigs. Although its heavy, it is still easy to transport around which is required if you're out gigging a lot.

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