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Meinl Turbo Cabasa Small Black

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Meinl Turbo Cabasa Small Black

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  • Traditional style cabasa with advantages to live performances
  • Resonating chamber with 5 ports either side
  • Great volume
  • Professional's choice cabasa

The Meinl Turbo Cabasa is the traditional instrument you know and love with a few significant differences that lend great advantages towards live situations. Widely favoured instruments in orchestras, schools and more, the Cabasa is a great percussion instrument that anyone can play. The Meinl Turbo Cabasa, however, takes the cabasa design to the next level and offers a more professional variation of it.

The main notable feature of the Meinl Turbo Cabasa is the resonating chamber with five sound ports on each side, allowing for great volume than in a traditional cabasa design. Designed to cut through any mix during performance, this cabasa really is the professional’s choice and is a truly great innovation.

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