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Nord Piano 2 HA88 Digital Piano

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Nord Piano 2 HA88 Digital Piano

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  • 88-note Hammer Action keybed
  • Nord Piano Library compatible
  • Nord Sample Library compatible
  • Layer and split-functionality
  • Massive Effect section
  • Advanced String Resonance
  • Long Release
  • Dynamic Pedal Noise

The highly versatile Nord Piano 2 HA88 Digital Piano lets you play the piano the way you want with the sounds you want. Along with an 88-note Hammer Action keyboard and an incredible array of effects the Nord Piano 2 lets you split and layer sounds from the Nord Piano Library and the Nord Sample Library.

Piano Section

The Nord Piano 2 HA88 Digital Piano comes complete with the Nord Piano Library included on DVDs and a number already loaded onto the piano. What’s more there are even more available for free from the Nord Piano Library page and getting them on the Nord Piano 2 is merely a case of dragging and dropping using the Mac/PC-compatible Nord Sound Manager.

The selection of Grand, Upright and Electrical Pianos, Clavinet and Harpsichords sounds available with the included Nord Piano Library have all been meticulously recorded using Nord’s state-of-the-art sampling techniques. The character and individual nuances of each instrument have been faithfully replicated to give you the most authentic sounds possible.

Sample Synth section

The Nord Piano 2 HA88 Digital Piano‘s Sample Synth section is a marvel to behold. Working with the Nord Sample Library you have access to over 1000 high quality samples and free downloadable updates and additions. On top of this the included Nord Sample Editor software opens up a whole avenue of creativity with the ability to create your own samples, which can then be easily assigned to the keys.

The Nord Piano 2 HA88 Digital Piano makes control of your samples a breeze with dedicated control knobs for attack, release and volume. The included Nord Triple Pedal can be used as a Sustain/Gate Pedal, while volume can be adjusted with a volume pedal (available separately).

Effects Section

The Nord Piano 2 HA88 Digital Piano gives you a massive selection of effects that can be applied to the Piano or Sample Synth. Here’s what you get in each section:

  • Effect 1 - Pan, Tremolo, Auto-wah (stereo)
  • Effect 2 - Phaser, Flanger and Chorus (stereo)
  • Delay - Stereo delay effect with Tap Tempo button
  • Three band EQ, with sweepable mid
  • Compressor/Amp - Twin, JC, Small (mono), Tube distortion (stereo) and compressor (stereo)
  • Reverb with six algorithms - Room 1 & 2, Stage 1 & 2, Hall 1 & 2


The Nord Piano 2 HA88 Digital Piano keeps workflow fluid with a great selection of knobs and buttons for all the functions you can’t live without. Transposing, setting split points and sound layers are all quick to do. 240 locations are separated into two banks with 24 pages with 5 programs each. Also, great for getting ideas down quickly, the Nord Piano 2 HA88 Digital Piano has 5 live locations.

Although the Nord Piano 2 Digital Piano features the fantastic, calibrated, Fatar TP-40 keybed you can customise its response to suit your playing style/s with four selectable Dynamic Response Curves.

Authentic Acoustic Realism

Giving extra creative options the Nord Piano 2 HA88 Digital Piano comes supplied with the Nord Triple Pedal. This triple offering gives you Soft, Sustenuto & Dynamic Sustain pedals in a single unit to enable players to utilise half-pedalling and "release and catch" techniques.

Even more piano playing realism is offered by the Nord Piano 2 HA88 Digital Piano’s Pedal Noise feature. This recreates the mechanical noise of an acoustic piano’s damper pedal as it is lifted and released, and responds dynamically to the force applied to the pedal, to produce thomp and sizzle sounds.

Long Release adds a slightly longer release to the tone, which can be suitable when playing legato.

The Nord Piano 2 HA88 Digital Piano offers of acoustic realism goes even further with the Advanced String Resonance feature recreating the intricate interplay of piano strings resonating at their fundamental or harmonic frequencies when notes are played in quick succession.

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