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Nord Piano 2 HP Stage Piano

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Nord Piano 2 HP – Stage Piano

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  • 73 key premium quality stage piano
  • 500 MB memory for Nord Piano Library sounds
  • 128 MB memory for Nord Sample Library sounds
  • Advanced String Resonance
  • Comprehensive effect section

Pure digital power in a portable unit

The Nord Piano 2 HP Stage Piano is one of those instruments that you simply have to play to believe. Packed with some amazing features such as the 73-key hammer action keyboard, compatibility with the infamous Nord piano library, layer and split functionality, dynamic pedal noise and much much more, the Piano 2 HP is one of the most powerful digital piano's out there.

The sounds

The Nord Piano 2 comes fully loaded with a selection of superior sounds from the Nord Piano Library including carefully sampled Grand, Upright and Electrical Pianos as well as Clavinet and Harpsichords.

All extraordinary nuances and unique characters of the source instruments have been covered, from brilliant, factory new Grand Pianos to old, detuned upright bar pianos to deliver full character.

The synthesis part of the Nord Piano 2 HP allows for realistic reproduction of elements such as string resonance, long release and triple pedal effects, all of which advance the Piano 2 HP into a league of its own.

Stunning effects

To add the ultimate "garnish" to your performance, the Nord Piano 2 HP comes with a built in powerful effects section. Pan and tremolo can make a huge difference to the rich electric piano's along with phaser, wah, and chorus and flanger effects.

Six algorithms govern the rich reverbs that can make your piano performance shine. All effects can be easily controlled in real-time using the effects panel clearly displayed on the Piano 2 HP.

Complete performance control

The Nord Piano 2 has a dedicated control section for all vital functions a player needs during a performance situation. Transposition, split point control or creating layered sounds can all be done on the fly. Once you have set up the parameters for your performance, you can save the settings in any one of the 240 locations that are organised into 2 banks with 24 pages with 5 programs each.

Finally, the Nord Piano 2 HP allows you to connect any external sound source for practice sessions or to jam along to at performances.

The Nord Piano 2 HP Stage Piano sets the standard of high performance digital piano. Once you have played the Piano 2 HP, nothing else will compare.

ModelPiano 2 HP
Keyboard73 Key, Hammer Action
Sounds Piano Section: 6 types - Grand, Upright, Electric Piano 1, Electric Piano 2, Clavinet and Harpsichord
Sample Synth Section: Up to 99 sample instruments
Effects Effect 1 - Pan, Tremolo, Stereo Auto-wah
Effect 2 - Stereo Phaser, Flanger and Chorus
Delay - Four levels of feedback amount, Dry/Wet adjustment - Tempo range: 20 ms ~ 750 ms
Three band EQ, with sweepable mid. +/- 15 dB gain/attenuation
Comp/Amp - Twin, JC, Small (mono), Tube distortion (stereo) and compressor (stereo)
Reverb with six algorithms - Room 1 & 2, Stage 1 & 2, Hall 1 & 2, Dry/Wet control
Each effect can be assigned to either Piano or Sample Synth section
Included Accessories Power Cord
Piano Library v5 DVD
Sample Library DVD

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