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Nord Stage 2 88 Digital Stage Piano

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Nord Stage 2 88 Digital Stage Piano

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  • Premium 88 note fully weighted stage piano
  • Wooden Pitch Stick
  • Modulation Wheel
  • 21 x 6 Program Locations
  • 2 Live Buffers
  • 2 Individual Panel Setups
  • 3 Morph sources (Modulation Wheel, Control Pedal, Aftertouch)

Featuring the best of Nord’s award-winning technologies, the Nord Stage 2 hosts three different instrument sections - Organ, Piano and Synth - plus an extensive effects section. You can use two sounds of each Section simultaneously - that’s two Organ manuals, two Synths, and two Pianos. These can be combined in any split or layered configuration you need for your performance.  The Nord Stage 2 even includes String Resonance and Dynamic Pedal Noise adding another dimension to the already popular piano sound. 

The Nord Stage 2’s user interface is designed from a basic concept: All vital functions are represented on the front panel - easy to access, and never further away than a press of a single button. After more than 20 years of experience in designing instruments to be used by professional musicians, we know how important it is to make the technology completely transparent for the user. With the Nord Stage 2 you only need to focus on your performance, which means never having to struggle with the technology.

Nord's patented Pitch Stick and Modulation Wheel are included for maximum musical expression. A top-of-the-line weighted hammer-action keyboard makes you feel that the Stage’s sound is balancing at the tip of your fingers, completely under your control. Nord's efficient Morph Grouping technique is also included, allowing you to assign sound and effects parameters to one physical controller.

All together, the Nord Stage 2 is a musical, reliable, efficient, and roadworthy companion that delivers results, and provides the means to express your passion for playing.

Keyboard Action

Nord carefully selected a keyboard from Fatar’s professional keyboard line. The Nord Stage 2 88 hosts a weighted hammer-action keyboard with aftertouch for the right dynamic feel. Since the Nord Stage 2 is a multi-keyboard instrument different software techniques where developed for simulating different types of keyboard action. The Piano features early hammer firing for fast and heavy play, and “bottom touch” for soft play. The Clavinet simulates the hammerless tapping of the strings, making staccato playing techniques more precise. The Organ features highpoint triggering for a light touch and fast playing technique.

What's New

The Nord Stage 88 EX quickly became one of the UK's most popular stage pianos, but what is new about the Nord Stage 2? The Synth Section now includes sample playback memory of 380MB and a new arpeffiator with Master Clock syncing.  An expanded program bank, monitor input option nd MIDI of USB make the Stage 2 a worthy update. 

  • I like it

    Overall Rating
    Posted on 14/08/2012 by

    The Nord Stage is a beautiful thing, if a bit of a pricey one. For me the piano and organ sections coupled with the simple layout of the onboard effects is where this stage piano really beats the competition. The Korg SV1 has some great on preset sounds but I think the Nord is an equal to the these and the greater range of options offered by the Nord and the flexibility to manipulate these with the onboard effects gives the Nord the edge in my option.

    The Clavs, Rhodes, Wurli are all top notch and the Nord piano library offers some lovely pianos - though people can be very particular about their piano sounds. I love the Nord piano and I really like the weight of the keys, much prefer it to the Motif or Yamaha stage pianos but each to their own.

    The synth section is good and I've got some nice sounds out of it. I use the sine wave in a mono synth set up as a lead a lot and again the effects section saves me from hooking up a lot of effects to get the sound I'm after but I do find with a lot of polyphonic synth sounds and really meaty bassy monophonic sounds I do go back to my analogue boards as they got more balls. But if you only want to take one keyboard on gigs with you the Nord would be my choice. I like it.

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Nord-top-of-line weighted keyboard. Features all the most popular Nord sounds. Great for contemporary music or for school bands. Includes Nord's award winning organ emulation and comprehensive effects section. Most controls are changed using physical control panel making the Stage 2 88 keyboard perfect for performances.