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Nord Wave Synthesizer - Ex-display

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  • Reduced Price - Ex Display
  • 4 octave (49-keys) velocity and aftertouch sensitive keyboard
  • 189Mb Flash Memory (180Mb for user samples)
  • 18 stereo voices
  • Wooden Pitch Stick
  • Modulation Wheel
  • LCD-window and Value Dial
  • Master Level Control

PLEASE NOTE: This product is ex-display.

The Nord Wave synthesizer combines analogue-style control with modern Nord synthesis and sampling. The Nord Wave synth introduces the oscillator to waveforms!

The Nord Wave is a PCM-based synthesizer that allows you to use digital samples in a virtual analogue environment. Take a sampled sound and tweak it into something completely different in realtime with digital processing, giving the full expressiveness of the classic analogue synthesizer combined with sample technology, all with Nord quality in a user-friendly, lightweight package. By having every sound related parameter represented by a physical control on the Nord Wave synth's front panel, like the vintage analogue originals, you have instant access to tune your sound as you play. No menus or page buttons are in your way.

The Nord Wave Synthesizer has the classic analogue synthesizer set-up with filters, LFO's and envelopes plus a huge oscillator section capable of producing classic analogue waveformes (with sync), FM-synthesis, wavetables, sampled waves (wavetable with attack), noise and other waveforms as well as samples. Plus, oscillator modulation allows you to modulate one oscillator with the other; for instance an FM-sound modulated by a sampled sound-the character of the sample is applied to the FM sound. Or use the Wave synthesizer's USB port to install free additional wave files from Clavia's website, as well as loading your own custom waves via a built-in editor. Every sample in the Nord Wave can be replaced. You can use your own samples by simply mapping any standard .wav-file in the Nord Wave manager Windows and OS X compatible software and transfer via USB.

The Nord Wave synthesizer incorporates the Nord Lead's virtual analogue synthesis, FM synthesis, and a fully-integrated wavetable engine. These can be used separately or together, allowing users to create sounds that are a step above sample-playback. The Nord Wave features high-quality wavetables generated by Nord, and using the USB port, users can download and install extra wave files from Nord, as well as load their own custom waves using an integrated Editor. The Nord Wave features new multi-filtering technology which includes a formant filter, and uses two slots for toggling between sounds, or layering them for even more complex sound.

The Nord hardware and software design provides response times from note-on to sounding output faster than any other synth. The ultra-low latency of the Wave simply does not compare to other hardware or especially software products. Weighing only 14 pounds, the Nord Wave is easily transportable.

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