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Orange Rockerverb 100 MKII Head

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Orange Rockerverb 100 MKII Head

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  • 100-watt, all-valve guitar amplifier head
  • Channel Configuration Clean / Dirty
  • Footswitch Function Channel / Reverb
  • Preamp Tubes 4 X 12AX7
  • Power Tubes 4 X EL34 / 6L6GC / KT88 / 6550
  • Reverb and FX Loop Both Tube Driven
  • Tube Failure Protection
  • Interchangeable Power Tubes

The Orange Rockerverb 100 head is an all valve, class A/B, 2-channel amplifier with an effects loop and valve-driven reverb.

Rarely does a multi-channel amplifier do more than one thing really well, one exception to this is the Orange Rockerverb 100 head. If crystal clear, spine-tingle-inducing clean sounds are your flavour of choice; it's in here. If you are after speaker melting overdriven tones with gaggles of gain, that's in here too, Orange describe this as "…four stages of unadulterated filth." The controls are very responsive and even the slightest adjustment in either tone or gain will yield a noticeably different result. The tube driven reverb is one of the most useable spring reverbs, size and depth are not a problem here, and there is plenty on offer. Orange were one of the first amplifier manufacturers to include an effects loop way back in the '70's so you are in good hands when they introduce a tube buffered effects loop into the amp. The amp is powered by 4x EL34 power tubes fire the amp, 4x ECC83 and 3x ECC81 pre-amp tubes and the transformer has been modified to accept different power tubes (though you will still need the help of an amp-tech with the re-biasing). The inclusion of the tube failure protection on this amp is a great feature, if you blow a tube mid way through a gig, the amplifier automatically switches to half power, disregarding the faulty tube (in pairs).

David Foster, Dawsons Music Mail Order.

  • A great amp varying in tone depth and gain but might not be to everyone's taste with the clean channel

    Overall Rating
    Posted on 14/06/2012 by

    The Orange Rockerverb 100H MkII is a great amp overall with its great deep yet clear drive.
    Clean- its clean tone is a little sterile yet if you are into a sort of bright clean tone then it is right for you, it is crystal clear due to its brightness from the treble and with a little kick of distortion it could create a nice form of crunch tone for some blues.
    Overall the clean tone is more bluesy than a soft clean tone yet with its bright layer it is nice for all styles
    Distortion- this channel is also clear so it's good for rock and boost the bass a little for a warm metal tone it does great with all genres of music yet with the distortion blasting through I doubt you would want it for country music.
    Overall the distortion tone is great for rhythm and with a little boost in gain it can create a great lead tone that will cut through any other valve on stage or in the pub.

    It's a great amp a great value for money the combo amp is great and is always a nice option if you don't want to lug a head and can around but either way this is a great amp and orange have really out done themselves the clean tone is very clear yet might not take everyone's fancy but the distortion is so crisp you can't go wrong, the reverb is a lovely touch that gives the clean channel added depth and has a wide range from in the mix a little to thick for those who love reverb.


  • Top Banana.....errr Orange!

    Overall Rating
    Posted on 08/06/2012 by


    After a gig, I go to the toilet, what happens? Some gear nerd is asking me at the urinals (most embarrassing!) what the key to the tone is, they rarely believe me when I tell them it is pure amp overdrive.

    I first saw an Orange Amp the day I notice the importance of good guitar sound and that was in 1993, many years later (kids garrrr!) and I finally get the money together to take the plunge into top end gear territory. It is everything I could ever want out of an amp. Never let me down and has been used heavily in every sense of the word!

    I have been using this piece of kit through a vintage (1972) Orange cab, all over the UK with my down tuned doom band. It handles the lows of the baritone so well whilst delivering crippling highs... And has ferocious tone from metallic crunch to droning but controlled feedback.

    Amazing effects loop that breathes new life into boring pedals....

    Twin channels for lush cleans through to a very British hard rock tone then hit dirty for the best overdrive this side of hell.

    Thanks Cliff Cooper for the outstanding contribution to fruity coloured molten tone.

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