Woodwind Instruments

Woodwind Instruments provide an integral role in everything from Jazz Bands, to Orchestras. At Dawsons, we cater for all players, from all musical disciplines and all ages. For the saxophone player, we hold a range of instruments, from Yamaha, Elkhart, Trevor James, Yanagisawa, Jupiter and Mirage, with reeds and other accessories for upkeep and maintenance.

A range of Clarinets and flutes from Yamaha, Buffet, Jupiter and Mirage are also stocked. For those of a ‘folk’ persuasion, or just beginning to learn about music, we have a wide range of recorders. A wide selection of harmonicas also feature, with models from Hohner, plus a wide selection of other woodwind instruments.

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  1. Conn Selmer Prelude FT710E Flute

    Conn Selmer Prelude FT710E Flute


    • Ideal C-flute for beginners to intermediate players
    • Silver plated cupronickel head and body enabling easy practice
    • Consistent playing feel and pure sound
    • 16 covered hole key design
    • Offset G key
    • Quality craftsmanship from Conn Selmer
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  2. Buffet B12 Clarinet

    Buffet B12 Clarinet

    Regular Price: $538.43

    Special Price $395.00

    • Bb deluxe student clarinet with ABS resin body and nickel plated key work
    • 65mm barrel
    • 14.65mm poly-cylindrical bore
    • Nickel plated body rings
    • Nickel plated bell ring
    • Blue needle springs
    • Adjustable thumb rest
    • High quality double fish skin pads, undercut tone holes
    • Includes compact fabric-covered hard shell case, Buffet Crampon mouthpiece and ligature
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  3. Trevor James Horn Classic Alto Saxophone

    Trevor James Horn Classic Alto Saxophone

    Regular Price: $715.00

    Special Price $489.00

    • Distinctive and reasonably priced - ideal choice for the new player
    • Gold-lacquered body and mechanism
    • Hand modified crook chamber
    • Easy blowing
    • Full range from low Bb to High F#
    • Advanced octave link mechanism
    • Distinctive TJ logo on crook
    • Includes carry case, neckstrap, Vandoren Reed, Trevor James mouthpiece and cap and cork grease
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  4. Trevor James Horn Classic Tenor Saxophone

    Trevor James Horn Classic Tenor Saxophone


    • Gold lacquer finish and hand modified crookchamber
    • Advanced octave link mechanism
    • Ergonomic front high F# spatula
    • Adjustable thumb rest and key guards
    • Detachable bow and bell
    • Trevor J James mouthpiece
    • Ligature and cap
    • Includes deluxe moulded ABS carry case and padded neck strap
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  5. Yamaha YAS-280 Alto Saxophone

    Yamaha YAS-280 Alto Saxophone


    • Low weight and ergonomic design, designed for beginners in mind
    • Stable neck receiver and improved Low B-C# connection
    • Comfortable to play with gold lacquered body and keys
    • Stable neck receiver with a quicker response
    • Adjustable thumb-rest for precise and comfortable hand and fingering position.
    • Includes mouthpiece and backpack style carry case
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  6. Trevor James Cantabile Flute

    Trevor James Cantabile Flute


    • Silverplated body and solid silver head
    • Handmade french pointed key arms
    • 925 silver headjoint with silver-plated body and mechanism
    • Open or closed hole pointed key arms with or without ‘E’ mechanism and optional ‘B’ footjoint
    • Traditional or ‘Shaped’ headjoint plus 9k riser and 9k lip plate and riser options.
    • Supplied with wooden case and fleecy-lined case cover with shoulder strap, wooden cleaning rod and gauze cloth
    • 5 year guarantee!
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  7. Trevor James TJ 10X MKIII Flute

    Trevor James TJ 10X MKIII Flute

    Regular Price: $495.00

    Special Price $375.00

    • Excellent beginner's flute with shaped lip plate and Split E mechanism and offset G
    • Silver plate headjoint
    • Closed hole
    • New advanced headjoint features -Very easy and free blowing
    • Double skin yellow pads - Carefully worked by the Trevor James technicians to give an accurate airtight seal
    • Greater accuracy and tightness of all fitting of the key assembly - Gives a secure and positive feel to the student.
    • Includes 'Prolite' case and plastic non-scratch cleaning rod.
    • 5 year guarantee!
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  8. Elkhart 100AS Alto Saxophone

    Elkhart 100AS Alto Saxophone


    • Yellow brass body with a clear lacquer finish
    • 100AS is tuned to Eb, with a range from low Bb to high F#
    • Robust yet responsive design
    • Free-blowing design accommodates younger players
    • Includes lightweight moulded canvas case with shoulder strap
    • Perfect choice for advanced beginners
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  9. Hohner Marine Band HM Harmonica Key Of C

    Hohner Marine Band HM Harmonica Key Of C


    • The instrument of choice for numerous top professionals, made famous by players such as John Lennon and Bruce Springsteen, a
    • Single laquered pearwood comb and brass, 0.9 mm reedplates
    • Length in cm: approx. 10.0
    • Traditional HOHNER tuning
    • Exclusively handmade
    • Includes protective case
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  10. Hohner Chrometta 14 Harmonica Key Of C

    Hohner Chrometta 14 Harmonica Key Of C


    • Affordable, entry-level harmonica in C Major key
    • Robust construction and a specially formed mouthpiece
    • Reeds: 56
    • 1.05mm brass reed plates
    • Plasic comb
    • Tempered tuning
    • Suitable for classical music, jazz, blues, folk music and pop
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