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Sabian HH Thin Crash 16 Inch

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  • 16 inch crash cymbal with a low, dark, and warm sound
  • Full-bodied response is full of impact, with rapid decay rate
  • Dark, vintage character
  • Metal B20
  • Pitch Level 1
  • Thin weight

The Sabian HH Thin Crash 16-inch has body, warmth, depth and an overall musical tone with a rapid decay that is ideal for tight cut-offs and crisp stabs. The hand-hammered body gives off plenty of rich overtones that create a very organic, vintage crash sound.

The 16-inch Sabian HH Thin Crash is part of the HH range (HH standing for hand-hammered). The nature of this range is individuality, as each cymbal is worked on by individual Sabian cymbal artisans. Although the make up of each cymbal is similar, the stroke power and placement used during their creation will vary, and therefore so will the character and tone of each cymbal created in this way. It’s this process that gives each cymbal in the series its own unique sound.

Model16-inch HH Thin Crash

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