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Samson GO USB Condenser Microphone

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  • Portable USB condenser microphone with supercardioid and omnidirectional polar patterns
  • Plug and Play Mac and PC compatible
  • Custom compact design that clips to a laptop or sits on a desk
  • Perfect for recording music, podcasting and field recording
  • Ideal for voice recognition software, iChat, VoIP and web casting

Further expanding on its diverse line of USB microphones, Samson introduces Go Mic, the ideal portable recording microphone that clips to your laptop.

The Samson Go Mic Portable USB Microphone is perfect for recording music, podcasts or field recording, but its range of functionality extends beyond typical USB microphones. Ideal for voice recognition software, iChat, web casting and even Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), the Samson Go Mic Portable Microphone is the ideal solution for recording on the go.

Because of its custom, compact design, the Samson Go Mic USB Microphone can clip right onto your laptop or sit unobtrusively on your desk. Plug and play operation also means it's completely compatible with a Mac OS or Windows, with no drivers required.

High-quality components and meticulous engineering ensure the Samson Go Mic offers remarkably clear, professional audio reproduction. Thanks to its switchable cardioid and omni polar patterns, you can pick whichever pattern is more appropriate for your specific situation. Plus, with a frequency response of 20Hz - 18kHz and a resolution of 16-bit/44.1kHz, you can be sure you're getting professional audio specs in a compact, multi-purpose design.

Use the tightly focused cardioid pickup pattern when recording a podcast, acoustic guitar or vocals. Or use the omnidirectional pattern to capture the entire room, whether you're jamming with your band, webcasting with a group or conducting an online meeting with multiple members in a single location.

Podcasting Perfection

As the podcasting trend continues to grow, standards for audio quality and ease of use grow with it. The Samson Go Mic USB Condenser Microphone surpasses expectations for both needs with CD quality audio and the ability to record directly into your preferred software program. No matter whether you're a PC or Mac loyalist, Go Mic has you covered. And if you don't already have a recording program on your computer, Samson Go Mic comes with Music Creator software, so you get everything you need to elevate the quality of your podcasts in one box. The Samson Go Mic Microphone can help you wow your listeners and set yourself apart in a crowded podcasting community.

Communication Clarity

If you're a frequent online communicator, the Samson Go Mic USB Mic provides an easy, inexpensive solution to enhance the quality of your communication. Whether your preferred method of interaction is Skype, iChat or VoIP, Go Mic can introduce a level of clarity you didn't think was available. On the road for work? Make sure you can hear about your family's day like they're right there in the room with you. Online meeting with potential clients? Ensure every crucial word of your proposal is articulated with the in-person enthusiasm you're looking for. With the Samson GoMic, you can make any online interaction clearer and more personal.

Multimedia Magic

For multimedia enthusiasts, the Samson Go Mic Condenser Microphone brings impeccable quality to your voiceover work. If your adding narration to a video, the Samson Go Mic can ensure your words create the impact you're looking for. There's no reason to lose the power of your voiceover due to poor audio quality. Make sure your audio sounds as good as your video looks with the Samson Go Mic Portable Microphone.

Musical Maestro

Whether you're a singer/songwriter recording vocals and acoustic guitar, or a band looking to capture the room sound of a jam right on your computer, the Samson Go Mic Portable USB Microphone will make sure you don't miss a note. Use the cardioid mode to capture vocals or close-mic an instrument. Or get the sound of a full band by flipping to omnidirectional mode, ensuring sound is recorded from all directions of the room. Whatever the application, Samson Go Mic can help you take your music to the next level.

The Samson Go Mic is perfect for anyone who wants to make great recordings on a computer. And no matter where you go to record, the Portable Samson Go Mic Condenser Microphone goes with you.

Size No
Storage Type No
Power No
Dimensions (HxWxD)150mm x 146mm x 54mm
Weight0.7lbs (0.318Kg)
Connectivity Output:
  • USB
Frequency Response 20 Hz ~ 18 kHz
Included AccessoriesUSB Cable, Cable Clip, Mic Stand Adapter, Carrying Pouch
Microphone TypeCondenser
Microphone Polar PatternSupercardioid, Omnidirectional

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