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Stagg Cajon Natural

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  • Great sound, great value, and easy to learn
  • Just sit on it and try slapping it in different places
  • Adjustable-tension wires for snare like crack sounds
  • Sounds like a bass and snare drum in one instrument

The Stagg Cajon Natural is an affordable version of a classic percussion instrument (traditionally used in Peru, Portugal and Spain - especially for flamenco music). The excellent thing about this Cajon is that you can sit on it, play it anywhere and it is versatile enough to be the only percussion instrument you bring to acoustic sessions. The slap sound is enhanced by adjustable-tension wires that sit behind the playing surface and create a buzz sound.

Anyone can play the Cajon, it is one of the simplest percussion instruments to learn. Just sit on it, slap the top few inches with your fingers for a crack sound and give it a 'low five' whole-hand slap about an inch or so below the top for a bass sound. Try hitting the bass sound with your right hand, and then the crack sound with your left and keep going right-left -right-left. Once you have nailed that, try playing the classic 'We Will Rock You' drum beat - it is surprising just how quickly you can make excellent percussion sounds. To perfect your sound, try making subtle (and equal) adjustments to both the cable-tension screws.

The Cajon has emerged into the limelight because of it's kick drum like low end punch and snare-like top end slap. The fact it is easy to play, quick to learn and sounds quite like a kick and snare has lead to it's use in the acoustic/unplugged sets of countless rock/pop bands. Jazz musicians have used the cajon with brushes to great effect too, and as you might expect in latin and flamenco circles the cajon is extremely popular. This is an ideal instrument for beginners, drummers, or as a pre-cursor to the drum kit.

The earliest historical record of a Cajon-type instrument comes from Peru, and it there is a theory that as the Spanish conquerors African slaves were not allowed to play their own music, they invented this instrument to play music with greater secrecy, as when it is not being played the Cajon is very inconspicuous, because it looks like a plain wooden box and a player just looks like they are sitting on a wooden box. But other theories exist too and there are many countries that claim it as their own invention.

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