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Vox VT40 Plus Combo Amp


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  • 60-watt portable guitar amplifier with 10-inch speaker
  • Play through speaker or practise quietly through headphone socket
  • 33 amp models, 25 effect models, 33 song presets
  • Weighs only 10.9kg
  • AC power supply cable included
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The Vox VT40+ Valvetronix Combo Amp features a massive 99 presets - available from the moment you plug it in and turn it on. All models in the Valvetronix Plus series also add a wide range of effects and a Power Level control for playing at lower volumes without compromising on tone. With the Valvetronix VT40+ Vox have fused analogue tube technology with advanced amp modelling and digital effects to create an amp that sounds authentic and take its tone potential to the limits.

Tube-powered VOX Valve Reactor circuit

Every guitar player seeks the power and playability delivered by a tube amp; the fat drive tone, wide dynamic range, subtle picking nuances, and quick response. After painstaking analysis of guitarists’ tastes and preferences, VOX has focused on the importance of the power amp circuit in creating the sonic characteristics long sought from tube amps. The VOX Valve Reactor was developed out of this power amp philosophy. Based on a 12AX7 vacuum tube, the Valve Reactor circuit at the heart of every Valvetronix+ Series amp perfectly reproduces the operation, subtle nuances, and tonal character of a real tube-powered amp.

More amp models than ever before

The new Valvetronix+ Series boasts an amazing collection of 33 distinct amp models – a new milestone for Valvetronix amplifiers. In addition, the Valvetronix+ represents a giant leap in quality. The preamp EQ features Bass, Middle and Treble controls for precise tone-shaping. Beginning with classic VOX amps such as the AC30, the diverse amp model selection continues to encompass coveted amps from the pages of history, as well as the latest high-gain amps, providing a sound selection that spans the ages. Call up the sound of an old favorite, or experiment with amps you may never have tried – sought-after amps played by your guitar heroes, rare boutique amps, and vintage amps – and pursue unexplored sonic paths.

25 Diverse, high-quality effects

One of the best features of VOX modeling amps is the ability to combine the built-in effects with the onboard amp models to create a complete and powerful sound. Just as with the effects, the Valvetronix+ Series makes no compromise when it comes to effects, boasting a level of quality that rivals top standalone units. The broad array of effects is divided into two sections: Pedal effects such as distortion, wah, and compressor; and Modulation/Delay effects such as chorus, flanger, and tape echo. In each section, there are 11 effects to choose from. Featuring easy-to-use settings, you can simultaneously select the effect type and adjust its parameters. In addition, there are three types of Reverb (Room, Spring, and Hall). With the addition of Noise Reduction, up to four different effects can be used at the same time.

99 Preset programs

The musicians at VOX have put together 99 preset programs, expertly voiced and ready for immediate use. Each of the 33 amp models provides three presets: Basic, Effected, and Song. An Effected preset calls up the correct combination of effect type and setting for a particular style.

Song presets are just like Effected presets; each one is a faithful recreation of the signature sound used by a famous guitarist to perform one of their classic tracks. Of course you're also free to edit any preset – or start from scratch with the manual setting – and save up to eight of your own custom sounds to the User presets.

Beyond the numbers

One of the greatest advances from previous Valvetronix models is the astounding sense of power generated by the Valvetronix+ Series. The power amp section has the potential to significantly exceed the wattage value indicated by the model name – as indicated by the shaded section of the Power Level knob. The new Valvetronix+ Series also feature a newly re-voiced VOX original design speaker that is sure to amaze you with a powerful sound that you would not expect from a chassis and speaker of this size. These fine Valvetronix+ amplifiers genuinely deliver sonic power that cannot be expressed by mere numbers.

Seize the power

The sense of drive produced in the tube power stage is what defines the inimitably fat and warm tone that's at the core of a great guitar amp sound. Our tube-driven Valve Reactor circuitry is at the heart of recreating this sound. Volume, Gain, and Master Volume controls provide key levels of controlling your gain to achieve a wealth of clean, overdriven and distorted sounds. In addition, these new Valvetronix+ Series amplifiers feature an altogether unique Power Level control. By lowering the Power Level, it’s possible to achieve high levels of gain and distortion at any listening level. And, as was mentioned above, reserve power can also be dialed in using the Power Level control when you really need your amp to scream. The Power Level control allows you to take full advantage of the Valvetronix+ Series potential in any situation.

Convenient and versatile input and output

The headphone out jack can also be used as a direct line output. This output is equipped with the simulated response and character of a speaker cabinet, so you'll enjoy the natural spatial sense of playing through speakers, even when using headphones or when connected to a mixer or recording system. Plug your CD or MP3 player into the AUX input jack and enjoy jamming along with your favorite songs. In addition, the tuning function needed by every guitarist is built in, eliminating the need for a separate tuner.

Optional VFS5 footswitch operation

Plug in the optional VFS5 footswitch is connected, and use your feet to switch programs, turn the reverb and other effects on/off, and control their speed, providing additional options for sonic creativity and live performance power.

Amp Model List (33)

*Three version of each amp model are provided: Standard, Special, and Custom. Clean, Cali Clean, US Blues, US 2x12, VOX Ac15, VOX Ac30, UK Rock, UK Metal, US High Gain, US Metal, Boutique Metal

Effect Model List (25)

Pedal: Comp, Acoustic, Auto Wah, U-Vibe, Brn Octave, Treble Boost, Tube OD, Gold Drive, Org Dist, Metal Dist, Fuzz Modulation/Delay: CE Chorus, Multi Chorus, Flanger, Org Phase, Twin Trem, G4 Rotary, Pitch Shift, Filtron, Tape Echo, Delay, Chorus+Delay Reverb: Room, Spring, Hall Noise Reduction

Song Preset List (33)

Gravity, Brown Sugar, Cocaine, Creep, I Feel Fine, Pride, Foxy Lady, Enter Sandman, Song 2, Know Your Enemy, Blue Wind, Message In A Bottle, Under The Bridge, Sultans Of Swings, Rebel Rebel, You Enjoy Myself, Smoke On The Water, Beat It, For the Love of God, Best Of You, Satch Boogie, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Wonderwall, Pride and Joy, Walk This Way, Back In Black, Paranoid, Tie Your Mother Down, Black Dog, Sweet Child O' Mine, Five Minutes Alone, Hot For Teacher, Raining Blood.

Model VT40 Plus Combo Amp
Dimensions (H x W x D) 406 x 422 x 222 mm
Number of amp models33
Number of effects Pedal effect types: 11
Modulation/Delay types: 11
Reverb types: 3
Noise reduction: 1
Number of programs Preset: 99
User: 8 (2 banks x 4 channels)
Inputs/Outputs Top panel: INPUT jack (¼” Mono)
PHONES jack (1/8” Stereo)
AUX IN jack (1/8” Stereo)
Rear panel: FOOT SW jack
Power amp outputVT40+: maximum 60 W RMS @ 8 Ohms
SpeakerVT40+: VOX original; 10 inch, 8 ohms
Power supply requirementsAC, local voltage
Power consumptionVT40+: 36 W
Included AccessoriesPower cable
Optional (Not Included)VOX VFS5 Foot Switch
Customer Reviews
Great, little amp that punches way above its weight.
Posted on 27/02/2014 by chasfender After playing one of these for an hour or so in the shop, I bought it, and every time I use it, it brings a smile to my face. Not least because I didn't have to haul my Fender valve amp up the stairs to a gig. This pretty much does the job; whether it's for solo rehearsal, band rehearsal, even small and medium pub/club gigs with a moderately loud band. It has some great tones, just using the amp models without the effects. The Fender sound, the Vox, and the Marshall sounds are pretty authentic. The reverb sounds great, and all the effects are, I would say, as good or maybe a bit better than my Boss ME70 board. I think that the VT40 plus sounds better than the VT80 plus, due to the natural compression from the 10 inch speaker (but you can dial the compression into the VT80 as an effect if you want, and get the same effect - I tried it). I play a Gretsch 6122J through it, and it sounds very valvey. I have to think hard to come up with any negatives; maybe the control logic is a bit unintuitive, and the cabinet is probably not very string - I've seen a lot of broken ones on eBay. Finally, it just looks the part on stage.
Great tone, Great effects, Great price!
Posted on 14/06/2012 by Pauly K I purchased this amp as I was looking for an all in one practice amp which could do everything, and I think I hit the jackpot. This amp has it all, from crystal clear clean to piercing high gain for cutting solos. The clean channels are perfect with single coil pick ups, I tend not to tweak the sound at all when using my telecaster, but if you're using humbuckers, some of the clean channels sound slightly distorted, which still sounds great! But if you want that real clean tone then just simply roll back the gain and volume and increase wattage to suit...easy peasy! The high gain and metal channels are perfect for humbuckers and sound great - you can get some real nice metallica/maiden sounds from the metal channels and nice slash tones from the high gain. The tone possibilities are endless with the 11 pedal effects, 11 mod/delay effects and 3 types of reverb on a seperate dial, so you can use any of the 3 at once. There's also noise reduction which can be used at the same time! To bring out the best of this amp I also purchased the VFS5 footswitch which is great for switching between saved channels in an instant right from your foot. It can also be used almost like a pedal board too! Just set yourself up on a clean channel and the footswitch can be used to turn effects on/off so you can add some overdrive, distortion or compression to your clean sound with switch 1, add some chorus, flanger or delay with switch 2, switch 3 controls the tempo of the delay or echo, and switch 4 can be used to turn reverb on/off...fantastic!
Great Product!
Posted on 12/06/2012 by Daniel If you are a home guitarist like myself who likes to practise for hours on ends this is a great product. With the different range of effects it will keep you entertained for hours. This amp suits all styles of playing from blues and jazz to rock and metal. It is also a good product for experimenting with your favourite types of sounds and you can also create your own pre-sets so you don't have to keep setting the effects up every time you turn the amp on and trust me, this amp is loud enough for home use! All in all great sound quality and for the price it's a definite must buy!

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