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Winchester 8 Bass Accordion

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Winchester 8 Bass Accordion

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  • Entry-level accordion
  • Compact size
  • Good quality
  • Great value

Surprisingly good value, the Winchester 8 Bass Accordion offers a quality instrument with a front-end keyboard action, soundboard, bellows & pallets that are far better than you would expect at this price. The Winchester 8 Bass Accordion sounds great, with fast, good quality reeds and sensitivity, which allows you to play quietly (should you need to).

All in all, thanks to its sound quality and compact dimensions the Winchester 8 Bass Accordion makes for an excellent travel accordion at a great price. And at such a low price, the Winchester 8 is a great introduction into the Accordion world, whether you're looking to commit, or just whether you're looking for a little more musical experience.

Model8 Bass
Bass Buttons8

  • Sounds better than it ought to

    Overall Rating
    Posted on 30/05/2012 by

    Amazingly the front-end keyboard action, soundboard & pallets are well made and the bellows are better than the price would suggest and have real metal corners and proper gussets. The sound is far better than it ought to be, the reeds are faster and more sensitive than expected and are actually capable of playing quietly - nothing is perfect and typical weak Chinese construction comes to play at the bass end, poor quality wire actuators and thin alloy pivots, thankfully the reeds are still good.

    This thing is far better made and more reliable than the £100 concertinas (of the same colour) which probably hail from the same factory and I have to say that if you’re after a tiny accordion for not a lot of money for a bit of fun, dragging around the pub and yes, even for learners, it's actually a good buy. If you want something better, ignore the higher up the range Chinese models and just get a used Hohner…

    Verdict: Surprisingly good when expected it to be beyond ghastly

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