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Acoustic Guitars

We stock a wide range of acoustic guitars, including electro-acoustic from leading brands, including Gibson, Taylor, Fender, Martin and Epiphone. We have acoustic guitars with steel-strings and nylon-strings, left-handed guitars and beginner acoustic guitars. Want some help choosing? Then check out our buying guide here.


The most popular instrument in the world, arguably, the acoustic guitar has been involved in toppling governments, changing society as we know it, and documenting history for nearly two hundred years. In fact, the origins of the acoustic guitar go back hundreds of years to Lutes, Gitterns, and Vihuela.  


However, we have much to thank Spanish guitar makers for in terms of how today’s acoustic guitars look and sound. Their design enhancements back in the 19th Century, such as the adoption of bracing patterns to reinforce the body to prevent buckling under tension thus improving projection, volume, and tone, are commonplace in manufacturing today but were revolutionary and crucial to the instrument’s evolution. 


The acoustic guitar as we know it today takes on the form of a soundbox (body) with a soundboard (body top) that resonates from the plucked strings’ vibration, which in turn projects a soundwave through the air. Therefore, acoustic guitars don’t require any amplification - although there are electro-acoustic models and we’ll touch upon them later -, which makes them perfect for guitarists, musicians, and singer-songwriters who want a versatile songwriting and/or performance partner that they can take anywhere and everywhere. 


The most common body shape associated with acoustic guitars is that of the dreadnought, which was a guitar body shape designed by C.F. Martin & Co way back in 1916 for the Oliver Ditson Company. Since its inception the dreadnought has been the go-to for many players and is often the first model chosen by many as their first guitar, thanks in no small part to its combination of body size and generous projection of sound.  


But some find the proportions of a full-scale dreadnought cumbersome, where others prefer something a little larger that delivers greater oomph in terms of projection. Over the years the breadth and depth of acoustic guitar body shapes and styles has evolved considerably to suit players of all ages and playing styles to suit every musical genre and style you could imagine.  


The range of acoustic guitar body types available runs the gamut from small to large, which means that there is a model to suit everybody from diminutive Parlor-sized models through to Super Jumbos. These include (but are not limited to) the Grand Concert, Auditorium, Jumbo, and more.  


Many models are endowed with features such as cutaways to create easier access to the upper frets, armrests for increased playing comfort during performances, as well as a wide range of different bracing patterns and soundhole designs that improve acoustic projection and instrument timbre.  


Electro-acoustic guitars are equipped with the manufacturer’s proprietary pickup systems such as Taylor’s Expression System, or a third party system from Fishman, L.R. Baggs, etc. Boasting built-in tuners, pickups, EQ systems and more, they are perfect for amplifying your instrument whether recording in the studio or performing on the festival stage. 


The environmental awareness of manufacturers has changed considerably over the years too with companies such as Martin, Taylor, Fender, and more leading the way in terms of promoting sustainable manufacturing processes and materials. 

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