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More About Yamaha Acoustic Guitars 

Yamaha are no strangers to the acoustic guitar market having manufactured their fair share over the past several decades. Their modern-day offerings range from their JR and APXT2 series for smaller bodied models, through their contemporary offerings with their TransAcoustic Guitars, CPX, APX, FG models through to their high-end A and L series guitars. It is no wonder Billy Corgan turned to Yamaha to produce his signature LJ16BC A.R.E. handcrafted model.

The build quality of Yamaha acoustic guitars remains as consistent as ever across their arsenal of instruments. Whether you’re looking for an affordable model to pick up and play at the beginning of your musical journey (or need a faithful back-up that won’t cost a fortune), or need a studio-ready acoustic that can cut through the mix, Yamaha have got your back.