Akai Professional MPC X Music Production Controller

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  • New and Existing users get 3 months free access to Splice, with over 2 million samples, loops, FX and presets when you register your hardware
  • Powerful self contained live music controller with MPC software
  • 10.1 inch multi-touch high definition screen for in-depth parameter editing
  • 16 Touch-capacitive Q-Links controls with OLED displays
  • 360-degree encoders for setting levels, stereo panning and VST effects
  • Vast amounts of connectivity, guaranteed to fit your workflow including Bluetooth 4.0
  • 2 USB-A 3.0 slots for thumb drives or MIDI controllers and SD card slots for additional data
  • Includes powerful MPC software and 25GB worth of sound content
  • Now with the v2.4 software, featuring a full suite of 28 AIR effects and Mother Ducker side-chain compressor
  • Firmware Update 2.6 gives you Grid Automation, Step Automation and support for eight submixes


The Akai MPC X Music Production Controller represents the pinnacle in standalone music production systems. Either for music production or for live performance, the MPC X packs in an astonishing amount of features including the MPC 2.3 audio software, 50GB of premium virtual instruments, loops and sample data which can all be controlled via the plethora of pads and encoders coupled with the stunning 10-inch high definition screen. If you're serious about groundbreaking music production, then the MPC X is undoubtedly the unit for you.

Standalone power redefined

Akai and modern music production go hand in hand and the MPC X means that you can produce music without having to be tied to a computer, although this is still an option should you wish to do so. The MPC X is capable of holding 16GB of internal data as well as SD, USB and SATA hard drive options to extend that, so you can be sure that you will have all of the audio data you need to create that next club classic.

The MPC X may be able to do its thing purely on its own, but its connectivity options mean that it can work as part of an existing setup. Microphone inputs with phantom power, assignable master outputs, Bluetooth, full MIDI, CSV and RCA turntable inputs mean that the MPC X can become the beating heart of your setup. All of your retro or modern equipment can be utilised alongside the MPC X so that everything can 'talk' to each other and be included in the mix.

Masses of control

One of the main reasons the MPC X is so powerful as a standalone instrument is because of its stunning 10-inch high definition colour touchscreen. This relays all of the information you need from the MPC 2.3 software for an organic music-making experience. Surrounding the screen you have 16 Touch-capacitive Q-Links controls with OLED displays, 66 direct-access software buttons (to avoid clunky deep menu's), 16 assignable encoders, full transport controls and more.

Limitless inspiration

Whether you prefer working in the box or dream of a truly unleashed production experience, MPC Live effortlessly transforms from a formidable standalone production centre to a high-powered MIDI controller. The included MPC 2.3 software allows you to harness the power of instruments, samples and kits from world-class audio design companies such as Capsun Audio, MVP Loops, TOOLROOM, CR2 Records, Loopmasters and Akai themselves.

For anything that cannot be provided by the existing audio data, the MPC X can record any vocals or instruments that you wish making it more like a standalone fully kitted recording studio. Whether you choose to use the MPC X on its own or connected to Mac, PC or any USB, MIDI or CSV equipped gear, it is sure to propel your music creation and production levels with impressive measure.

V 2.4 Software Update

Akai Professional has just announced MPC 2.4 that introduces a plethora of user-requested features and workflow enhancements, notably the addition of 28 must-have effects from critically-acclaimed DSP gurus AIR Music Technology and a much-requested side-chain compressor, the Mother Ducker. The original AIR Creative FX collection has been included as part of Pro Tools® since Version 8 and is considered the reference FX suite by some of the world's most respected audio professionals. With MPC 2.4, this legendary suite of 16 mix essentials has been ported to MPC for immediate use with standalone or desktop MPC software; this core range of effects has also been expanded to include 12 new plugins, including the AIR Channel Strip and AIR Transient. Each effect has been expertly designed with ease of use in mind and the stunning new TUI layouts take using effects inside MPC to a whole new level.

V 2.6 Firmware Update

The Akai MPC now comes with the 2.6 firmware update, adding further functionality to an already impressive list of specs. In the latest update, you get the following additions:

  • Grid Automation - Users can now input, edit and view automation in Grid Edit and Audio Edit.
  • Step Automation - Users can now input, edit and view automation in the Step Sequencer.
  • Support for up to eight submixes in the mixer window.
  • All-New TUI layouts for Akai Vintage effects.

ModelMPC X
Display 10.1” / 257 mm (diagonal)
8.5” x 5.5” / 216 x 139 mm (width x height)
Full-color LED-backlit display with touch interface
Controls (16) velocity- and pressure-sensitive pads, RGB-backlit
(8) banks accessible via Pad Bank button
(16) 360° touch-sensitive Q-Link Knobs
(1) 360° encoder for display navigation and selection via push
(7) 270° knobs for gain, mix & level adjustment
(63) dedicated-function buttons
Connectivity (2) XLR+1/4” (6.35 mm) TRS inputs (Input 1/2)
(2) 1/4” (6.35 mm) TRS inputs (Input 3/4: 1 stereo pair)
(2) 1/4” (6.35 mm) TS instrument inputs (Inst 1/2)
(2) RCA inputs (Input 3/4: 1 stereo pair, phono- or line-level)
(2) 1/4” (6.35 mm) TS footswitch inputs (FS 1/2)
(2) 5-pin MIDI inputs
(8) 1/4” (6.35 mm) TRS outputs (Main L/R, Outputs 3/4–7/8: 4 stereo pairs)
(4) 5-pin MIDI outputs
(8) 1/8” (3.5 mm) CV/Gate outputs
(1) 1/4” (6.35 mm) stereo headphone output
(1) 1/8” (3.5 mm) stereo headphone output
(2) USB Type-A ports
(1) USB Type-B port
(1) SD card slot
(1) power adapter input
Bluetooth SpecificationBluetooth 4.0
Included Software Details AIR Instruments:
Hybrid 3
Vacuum Pro
Xpand 2
Mini Grand
AIR FX Collection
Sonivox Instruments:
Big Bang Cinematic
Big Bang Universal
Session Drums
Silk Road
ATSIA Percussion
Orchestral Companion Strings
Akai Instruments:
The Bank
The 809
The Wub
The Noise
50GB Required Space
Posted on 10/03/2020 by These are my thoughts..
I've had my MPC X for just under a year, and I have to say, it spent most of the time back and forwards being repaired by InMusic, who are also AKAI.

Problem 1 (Quality): Based on the price you would expect the build quality to be amazing, who wouldn't - However...
- The red side panels flake (They were replaced 3 times!!), yep they peel. Not only are they badly covered in a paint/texture of sorts , but its peels and according to an expert at InMusic that is something you should expect and not argue or moan about!!! Not with my £1700 thank you very much!
- The OLEDs, are (after inspection) not straight, they are slightly wonky, again you are paying a premium and they can't even manufacture or assemble it right.

Problem 2 (Mic's and sound recording) Now here's something laughable. The MPC X has the ability to record and sample for 20 minutes maximum which in truth is more than enough, however you cannot record through a mic (Vocals) for no more than 5 minutes...It just cuts off and you loop round and screw your previous sounds. Seriously what idiot designed this C##P

Problem 3 (Security) You have work your ass off for a month, save on the pennies, sacrificed buying your girlfriend a wedding Ring, to buy an all dancing DAW. And for that money you would try at the very least to secure it in your home. Maybe use the most common locking system around called a......... Kensington lock!?!. This device if some of you don't know is basically a thick cable with a combination or key lock that fits into a 5mm hole in your expensive device to secure it. Laptops under £300 have them, the MPC Live has it, the Touch, the MPC One.... I digress.

All of the latter are portable, and as such don't really need it, as on stage your eyes are on your equipment. And in the park with your dog running around harassing other park goers, means you have this kit securely and tightly in your grasp.. However the MPC X ...nope no security no Kensington...Nowt... nothing, NULL. So anyone could break in, and steal your badly built DAW.

AKAI thought nope, it doesn't need one of those, that would be too expensive to add a 5mm rectangular hole? #rolemyeyesatAKAI

So I would like to find and meet the designer and ask him why the above happened, was there a smoking session, was it a Friday, you felt lazy. OR did you pay Andy Mac so much money to spout on, about the MPC X on youtube. That he simply bored the living daylights out of you, and cut corners and forgot? I would honestly like to know. Maybe they did it so people like me can spend a fortune on studio equipment to later complain?

Those are my thoughts.
Posted on 18/09/2018 by Can't fault this amazing bit of kit. Powerful but easy to use. Great drum machine and also perfect for music production away from the computer, or in conjunction with it.
Posted on 04/08/2017 by AMAZING

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