Alpine PartyPlug Ear Plugs

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Currently out of stock
  • Winner of the 2015 red dot awards for innovation
  • Protects up to 25 dB without with no compromise on sound quality
  • Eliminates tinnitus and protects the ears
  • Music quality remains optimal thanks to AlpineAcousticFilters
  • Conversations can still be heard
  • Perfect fit because of the soft, breathable material
  • Hardly visible in the ear
  • Reusable, simply wash with soap and warm water


Your favourite band's in town and the big night's arrived! Clutching your ticket you join the queue to the arena and eventually work your way to the front... The band takes the stage and you begin to experience the incredible power of a wall of amps, a drum kit and a killer PA system. Then it begins, the ringing, the loss of anything considered to be treble and eventually you literally can't hear yourself think.

You've probably heard that ear plugs can separate you from the music, but that you'll lose out on the experience. Well thanks to the new Alpine PartyPlug Ear Plugs, that's a thing of the past. Every drop of the band, even the conversations you have with others will all be directed into your ears through a comfortable sleeve, minus 25 decibels of pressure. This means you get the best, natural audio and have guaranteed ear protection.

Innovation in your ear

The PartyPlug Ear Plugs are able to work their magic thanks to the Alpinethermoshape material that allows your ear to "breathe" and delivers an even spread of audio. The filter does a superb job of reducing volume level whilst letting near-field audio in (such as conversations) easily. The PartyPlug Ear Plugs are also incredibly discreet and come in black, white and silver.

To take your PartyPlug Ear Plugs anywhere with you safely, they come with a free minibox complete with chain to attach to your keyring.

Whilst it's no secret that ear protection isn't first on many people's list when it comes to going to the party, this is one product that will extend the amount of time you get to enjoy the music, now isn't that worth some investment.

ModelPartyPlug Ear Plugs
Dimensions10 x 8 x 2 cm

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