Armourdillo Deluxe Dreadnought Guitar Bag

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In stock and ready to dispatch!


In stock and ready to dispatch!
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  • Sturdy, dense wed exterior
  • 20mm high-density padded interior
  • Carry with padded shoulder straps or handle
  • Extra handle front handle
  • Large pocket for music books and large accessories
  • Smaller pocket for small accessories
  • Suitable for standard 4/4-sized dreadnought-shaped acoustic guitars


The Armourdillo Deluxe Dreadnought Guitar Bag has been designed to fit any dreadnought guitar like a fine suit whilst providing comfort to you, protection to your guitar and versatility in terms of how you carry it and the amount of storage it offers. It does all this with high quality, and more importantly robust, materials at a price that’s affordable.


The high-density padding, measuring 20mm, gives supreme protection to your dreadnought from knocks and scratches, whilst being lightweight enough to carry comfortably. The Armourdillo Deluxe Dreadnought Guitar Bag is also built to last with its hardwearing, densely webbed canvas covering. The combination of these means it’s pliable enough not to be damaged but still offers great protection, unlike a hardcase, which will cave if you exert too much pressure on it.


The other important aspect of a gigbag is how comfortable it is to carry when you’re transporting it. This is another area where the Armourdillo Deluxe Dreadnought Guitar Bag excels over a hard case. This gig bag can be carried like a hardcase with the handle on its side but this offers more padding than the hard plastic handle of a hardcase. You can also use the backpack-style straps to carry the bag on your back; these straps are also padded for extra comfort that stops them digging in to your shoulders.

Another handle is place at the front of the Armourdillo Deluxe Dreadnought Guitar Bag, but this is more functional, allowing you to lift the guitar gigbag from being lent on a wall or from the floor. Excessive as that may sound, if you’ve ever picked up a gigbag or hardcase with the side handle only to have it swing and hit something hard you’ll really see the value in this added extra.


The Armourdillo Deluxe Dreadnought Guitar Bag also gives you more options for all the extras you inevitably find yourself carrying, be they a mobile phone, keys, MP3 player, or actual guitar-related accessories! A large pocket is situated at the front that will easily fit music books, along with cables and other larger accessories. A smaller pocket can be found at the neck of the guitar gig bag for smaller accessories such as a tuner, spare strings, plectrums, ect.


The Armourdillo Deluxe Dreadnought Guitar Bag is designed specifically to fit dreadnought-style guitars. If you have any concerns please get in touch via telephone or email.

ModelDeluxe Dreadnought Guitar Bag
Internal Dimensions H x W (cm)112 x 43

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