Aroma TDX-15 Electronic Drum Kit Bundle

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  • Bundle contains electronic kit, drum amplifier, drum rug and high quality audio cable
  • The Aroma TDX-15 is a 7-piece electronic drumset with sound module
  • 12 programmable kits made up of high-quality drum, cymbal, and percussion sounds
  • 30-watt drum amplifier with angled speaker for sound projection included
  • 10-inch woofer + 1-inch tweeter deliver a powerful sonic blast
  • Bundle includes Aroma Drum Rug designed for the TDX-15 electronic drum kit
  • Prevents damage to flooring and slippage of the kit whilst playing
  • 20-foot patch lead for connecting to a range of audio devices
  • Ideal for balanced audio patching or using as a stereo connection


The Aroma TDX-15 Electronic Drum Kit Bundle is perfect for newbie drummers and those looking for an all in one, quiet practice solution. Containing the Aroma TDX-15 Kit, Aroma ADX-30 Drum Amplifier, Aroma Drum Rug and Stagg 20 Foot Deluxe Balanced Patchcord, everything you need to get set up at home, in your rehearsal space or in the studio is present and accounted for.

Aroma TDX-15 Electronic Drum Kit

The Aroma TDX-15 Kit consists of three tom pads, dual-zone snare pad, an upright kick drum pad, bass drum pedal, hi-hat, hi-hat pedal, crash and ride cymbal pads. All pads feature natural rubber that reduces vibration feedback and actually feels natural to play, giving a familiar feel. The construction of the TDX-15 Kits rack is heavy-duty, made up of 1 1/2-inch aluminium tubing that accommodates the pads and module, with all the necessary mounting hardware and cables included.

At the core of the Aroma TDX-15 Kit is the TDX-15 Module. Loaded up with a collection of high-quality drums, cymbals and other percussion instruments. With 12 presets already in place from opening the box, you’re set up to rock from the off. This kit can be used as a trigger-to-MIDI interface when hooked up to your computer via the USB output so you can use your preferred VST to record or perform.

Additional connectivity comes from an Aux In so you can jam along to your favourite tracks alongside a 3.5mm output connector for hooking up to an external amplifier. A neighbour-friendly headphone socket makes the TDX-15 great for silent practice as well.

Aroma ADX-30 Drum Amplifier

The Aroma ADX-30 Drum Amplifier is a powerful but affordable solution for the electronic drummer who wants to be heard. Whether you're performing on stage or practising at home this amp is perfect for any situation. With 30 Watts RMS, the ADX-30 is loud enough for you to be heard even whilst playing along with your favourite backing tracks. The ability to angle the amplifier upwards ensures that your sound will travel to the entire audience.

With two channels you can connect another device such as a keyboard or another electronic drum kit, Channel 1 is a mono input and Channel 2 is for stereo instruments or devices. The two-band EQ allows you to sculpt your sound and separate Volume controls for your inputs make sure you get a good balance.

Aroma Drum Rug

The Aroma TDX-15 Rug has been purpose-designed to fit the dimensions of the Aroma TDX-15 drum kit; giving you enough surface to comfortably place the kit, a drum monitor and a drum stool.

Of particular interest to those with a wood or laminate floor, the Aroma TDX-15 Mat ensures your flooring isn’t damaged and gives you a comfortable playing surface that ensures noise created from playing the kick drum and hi-hat is kept to a minimum. It also provides a grippier surface, which stops the kit from swaying when you really get into it.

Tightly woven and bound around the whole of its perimeter, the Aroma TDX-15 Mat is robust enough to survive even the liveliest of practices and performances and comes in a light blue colour that will fit in pretty much any setting.

Stagg 20 Foot Deluxe Balanced Patchcord

The Stagg 20 foot deluxe balanced patchcord is strong and durable, with plenty of length to connect your audio equipment. A great addition to any studio, this patch lead is well shielded and each adapter is sealed to ensure a long life. As the deluxe patchcord is ROHS compliant, you can be sure no harmful materials were used in the creation of this great value cable.

TDX-15 Module12 Kits
Kit Types Rock
Rock Live
Metal Live
Electric Live
GM Standard
GM Room
GM Power
Connectivity USB MIDI
Aux Input (3.5mm Jack)
Headphone Output (3.5mm Jack)
Audio Output (3.5mm Jack)
DC In (9V)
ModelADX-30 Drum Amplifier
Power Output30W RMS
Power Consumption40W
ImpednaceChannel 1: 68k ohm
Channel 2: 68k ohm
EQ Bass: +/- [email protected]
Treble: +/- [email protected]
SpeakerCoaxial (10-inch woof + 1-inch tweeter
Dimensions460 x 405 x 500mm
Net Weight12KG

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