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Bass Guitars

From classic Fender Bass Guitars, Precision and Jazz basses, to Gibson Thunderbirds and Ibanez bass guitars , we stock a wide variety of Bass Guitars. Fretless and Acoustic basses are also stocked, as are left-handed basses. Beginner bass players can choose from a selection of beginner instruments from Squier, Epiphone & more. If you are looking for some help in choosing your next bass guitar then check out our handy buying guide


Bass Guitars don’t get the credit they deserve. There, we said it. Often people will say that it is easier to learn or play, which is some respects it can be. There are generally fewer strings than on an acoustic or electric guitar, with four being the most common. However, a simpler string arrangement doesn’t negate the sonic and tonal complexity that can a bass guitar can afford. Playing the bass guitar properly and utilising one to its fullest potential takes a lot of skill. Just check out Les Claypool, Victor Wooten or Thundercat for ready examples of what a bass guitar can sound like in the right hands. 


Bass Guitars can come in many forms with acoustic, electro-acoustic, and electric models available.  


As the name would suggest, acoustic bass guitars are designed to be played unplugged and follow the same construction and body styles as acoustic guitars. In fact, acoustic bass guitars come in all manner of shapes and sizes from Parlor to Jumbo so there is a size and shape to suit anybody and everybody. 


Electro-acoustic bass guitars offer the best of both worlds, the options to play unplugged or amplified making them ideal for bassists who require an instrument for any situation. Featuring a built-in pickup – and in most cases an EQ to tweak frequency bands -, electro-acoustic bass guitars afford a high degree of flexibility in terms of practice, studio recording, and live performance. 


Electric bass guitars are designed to be played via an amplifier, equipped with pickups to translate string vibrations into electrical signals that are then translated by a loudspeaker into soundwaves. Much like their electric guitar cousins, there are a plethora of options available including hollowbody, semi-hollowbody, and solid-body options. As if that was not enough, there are multi-scale options, extended range models, and so much more. Think of a genre of music and you just know that a bass guitar is in there somewhere, hence the myriad options available. 


There are clearly some favourites in the world of bass guitar. Countless bassists have utilised a Fender Precision Bass or Jazz Bass in their time, and understandably so. They are delightfully comfortable to play, tonally flexible, are built to last, and come in virtually every finish imaginable. Knocking it out of the park for over half a century and still winning fans over to this day.  


We offer a vast selection of bass guitars from acoustic to electric to suit all budgets and styles – and we’ve not forgotten about the lefties out there. From beginner packs that include everything needed to get up and go to exquisite gig ready models from Rickenbacker, Michael Kelly, Yamaha, Hagstrom, and more, we have the bass guitar of your dreams ready and waiting for you. 

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