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Ibanez Bass Guitars: A Brief History

For over 40 years, Ibanez have applied their unique approach to elevating the form and functionality of the electric bass guitar by pushing boundaries to defy convention in how a bass should look, how a bass should play, and how a bass should sound. Every design is borne from collaboration, imagination and a strive for perfection. This ever-changing exploration into the capabilities of low-end instrumentation is referred to as the Ibanez Bass Workshop. Every production model we know today has gone through the same process from the SR and BTB to the mesmerising EHB.

The SR range can be considered the flagship of the Ibanez bass family. Sleek and slender with a vast range of affordable options that cover extended ranges, various pickup arrangements with tone-sculpting options, and the effortlessly cool Ibanez Bass Workshop models such as the SRH5F with custom bridge for AeroSilk Piezo System and corresponding tone control, there is an SR model for everyone.

The BTB range is far more exuberant and for those who like to stand out with severe contours, high-finished appointments and paintjobs that would not look out of place in an art gallery. When you want to showcase what you have got, is there a better bass to do it with? No, so if you have got it, flaunt it!

The Ibanez EHB range takes the headless construction concept and applies it to the bass. However, they did not stop there. In true Ibanez style they took the baton and ran with it. Each EHB bass is delicately balanced to provide unparalleled playing comfort, there are extended range models including 5- and 6-string versions, and if that was not enough, they have even thrown in some multi-scale options too. Ibanez did all that without breaking a sweat. Oh, and the finishes are easy on the eye too (how do they do it???) If you are a player who is longing for greater control and an ergonomic feel that fits like a glove, then look no further.

The AGB and AFB offer Artcore hollow body decadence in bass format delivering sumptuous tones brimming with warmth and exuding style. They also offer a shortened-scale length, which is much kinder to those with shorter reach and smaller hands.

The Talman bass is a solid body affair that is a genre-hopping wunderkind. If you are a rocker then you will love the no nonsense vibe of the Talman with its retro-chic and modern performance.

Another one for those who prefer a shorter scale length is the SR Mezzo, which inherits the sophisticated style of the SR bass with a playability the is just more, well, fun.