Beyerdynamic TG V50 Dynamic Vocal Microphone

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Currently out of stock
Currently out of stock
  • Dynamic vocal microphone for on stage use
  • Rugged construction puts up with show after show
  • Made with Beyers unique Sound Channelling Technology for powerful but natural response
  • Exceptional transducer isolation for fantastic on stage sound
  • Includes microphone clamp and storage bag


With a slick design and reliable construction, the Beyerdynamic TG V50 is the perfect dynamic vocal microphone for the stage. It gives you a powerful yet natural sound with high feedback rejection and looks refined but is rugged enough to keep going show after show.

Built To Last

The TG V50 is ready to go straight out of the box, just plug and play. Whether you need it for lead or backing vocals this microphone is equally adept at both, at home in any genre and will be equally useful whether you're gigging pubs or stadiums. Built to last, the rugged construction ensures that this microphone will keep performing night after night. The switch is embedded in the grip, ensuring it doesn't accidentally get turned off and doesn't emit any 'clicking' sound when used.

Sound Channelling Technology

The Beyerdynamic TG V50 has been developed using Beyer's unique Sound Channelling Technology. Honed for years the experts at Beyer have created acoustic labyrinths and special geometries that influence the sound of the polar pattern by using precisely tuned delay line and attenuation pads. Every Beyerdynamic microphone has it's own SCT to give you incredible sound quality and ensure optimum sound command.

ModelBeyerdynamic V50 Dynamic Microphone
Transducer TypeDynamic
Operating PrinciplePressure gradient
Polar patternCardioid
Frequency response (close miking)50-17,000 Hz
Frequency response (distant miking, 1m)80-17,000 Hz
Open circuit voltage2.4 mV/Pa (-52.5 dBV) +/-3dB
Nominal impedance600 ohms
Load impedance>2 kilo ohms
ConnectionXLR, 3-pin, male
DimensionsLength 185mm, Shaft 23-35mm, Head 54mm

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