Blackstar Fly 3 Complete Guitar Amplifier Stereo Pack

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In stock and ready to dispatch!
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  • Superb stereo pack from Blackstar offering 6-watts of tonal bliss
  • Built-in digital 'tape' delay effect
  • Patented Blackstar ISF (Infinite Shape Feature) included
  • Clean and overdrive channels offer huge tonal versatility
  • Battery or DC powered for home use and power on the go
  • Not just ideal for guitar, but also for smartphones, tablet or computer as the ideal stereo speaker setup
  • MP3/line in connection for jamming along to your favourite tracks
  • Includes amp, extension cabinet and power supply


The Blackstar Fly Stereo Pack delivers exceptional value for money, with a Fly 3 mini amplifier, a Fly 103 extension cabinet and a power supply at your disposal. Not only do you get an incredibly powerful and highly versatile guitar amplifier, but also you have a portable system that allows you to play your music on the go. Containing features that will make it your go-to amplifier for guitar, tablets, computers, smartphones and more, the Blackstar Fly 3 offers versatility and features that go way beyond its small price tag.

High-fidelity amplification

The Blackstar Fly 3 is home to a powerful 3-watt amplifier that drives the built-in 3" speaker. By including their patented 'Infinite Shape Feature' circuitry, Blackstar has ensured that a huge range of tonal versatility is within easy reach. Going from the smooth warmth of a British-style amp to a tighter USA-style amp is as easy as turning knob - yet you'll be blown away by the complexity of the tones produced. There are two channels - clean and overdrive - contained within this little beauty, giving you have the ability to fetch out everything from crisp cleans to raucous distortion with the greatest of ease. The Fly features a built-in Tape Delay effect with Delay Level and Delay Time controls, enabling you to set an appropriate delay effect with absolute precision.

Expanding possibilities

By connecting the Fly 3 to the Fly 103 extension cab - using the built-in cable -, you can create a 6-watt stack or stereo arrangement that is great for practising guitar, or setting up a powerful dual speaker output for your home PC.

The 3.5" line input allows you to connect all manner of audio sources from computers to MP3 players, tablets, smartphones and more. This works well with the fact that you can power the Fly 3 from battery as well as DC. Take the Fly 3 out to any venue, be it pub, club, skate park - anywhere! Perform and jam along to your favourite music anywhere you like!

The Blackstar Fly 3 amplifier is one of those units that once you get home and start playing with it, you'll wonder how you managed without! A truly versatile, solidly built, and portable wonder make yourself heard, with the Blackstar Fly 3 guitar amplifier stereo pack.

ModelFly 3 Stereo Pack
Dimensions (H x W x D)126 x 170 x 102 mm (per speaker)
Weight0.9kg (per speaker)
Wattage6 Watts (pair)
PowerBattery or DC
Connectivity 1/4" Jack in
3.5mm Jack in (aux)
3.5mm headphone/line out
RJ45 Extension speaker
Channels Two - (Clean and Overdrive)
Speaker1 x 3" (per speaker)
Speaker Rating4 Ohms, 5 Watts (per speaker)
Controls Gain, OD (Overdrive), Volume, ISF (Infinite Shape Feature), Delay Level, Delay Time, MP3/Line Input, Speaker Emulated Output & Headphones
EffectsDigital 'tape' delay
Posted on 13/12/2017 by I had my eyes on the Roland Cube, but my kids got me the Fly for my birthday. When I opened the box I thought I was gonna get some tinny sounding amp for messing about on but...... man I this could wake the neighbours.
Amazing sound and ideal for practice and jamming.
Well worth whatever my kids paid for it....
Posted on 19/10/2015 by It seemed too good to be true- but I am really impressed with this tiny little amp. I took it busking, and it stood its ground very well against the now industry standard Roland street cube. From clean to metal the tones are excellent and the delay is ultra controllable. You can believe the demo videos. Well done Blackstar!
Posted on 16/05/2015 by This is a brilliant little pocket sized amp. Great sound, great EQ; English or US authentic and brilliant echo. I wanted an amp I could put in my briefcase and take with me to work so I could jam in between marking student’s work, something to help me keep my sanity. Well this is it and it plays well at low volume and when you want to crank it up, there's enough to let the students know I'm still in the building. But the best thing is this little fly is one that you won’t want to swat!

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