Blackstar HT-20RH MKII Guitar Amplifier Head

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  • 20-watt guitar amplifier head
  • 2xEL84 in power amplifier and ECC83 (12AX7) in the preamp stage
  • Four footswitchable voices for ultimate versatility
  • XLR emulated output and USB audio for recording flexibility
  • Newly voiced studio quality reverb
  • Blackstar patented Infinite Shape Feature lets you sculpt your own tone
  • Perfect for practice, smaller gigs or recording in the studio
  • Refined and boutique looks with chickenhead knobs


The Blackstar HT-20RH MKII Guitar Amplifier Head is a 20 Watt, all-valve beast from Blackstar. Don't let the diminutive wattage fool you, this head packs some serious punch. Featuring two channels with four voices you'll find enough variety of tone to suit any style coupled with the build quality you'd expect from one of the world's leading manufacturers.

All Valve Power

With two EL84 valves in the power amp stage and an ECC83 (12AX7) in the preamp, the HT-20R MKII gives you a tight sound with a chime-like quality. Often found on lower wattage amps and heads, the EL84 valve has plenty of gritty tones and responds well in high gain scenarios.

Valve amp owners know well that you have to crank the valves to get the full tonal spectrum from your amplifier but that's not the case with the HT-20RH. Featuring a power output reduction button you can use 10% of the power whilst keeping all of that glorious valve tone, great if you want to practice at home without getting any noise complaints.

Four Expressive Voices

With four different voice options, the HT-20RH MKII is ideal for any style or situation giving you great versatility and killer tones. The voices are footswitchable so you can change it up at the click of a button.

The clean channel has two voices, the first is an 'American' style sound with more emphasis on the low-mids and a warmer character. Voice 2 is designed to emulate the Class A 'British' amplifier sound, a strong midrange and overall more aggressive sound.

The Overdrive channel consists of a 'Classic' tone which is the well-known Blackstar 'British' overdrive. It cleans up remarkably well and can go all the way to all-out crunch if you need it. The second is a 'High Gain' channel which has extra growl in the high end and a tight low end inspired by the Blackstar HT Venue MKII high gain sounds.

Infinite Shape Feature

The HT-20RH MKII houses Blackstar's patented Infinite Shape Feature, an addition designed to give you access to a much wider tonal palette than a traditional amplifier circuit. Set to '0' you get an 'American' style tone with a tighter focal point. Give it a twist to '10' and you get a more 'British' tone that's full of warmth and crunch.

A traditional amplifier has a specific range that it operates within which is what gives you the signature sound of the classic brands. Blackstar have created something wholly different with the ISF knob, so instead of being limited to a specific range built in by the manufacturer, you have access to the full tonal spectrum. The result is an extremely versatile amplifier that will cater to any genre and allow you to create your own signature sound.

Flexible Connectivity

With the Blackstar HT-20RH MKII, you get a tonne of connection options so you're equipped for any situation from the studio to the stage. With speaker outputs for 1x16 OHM, 1x8 OHM and 2x8 OHM you can connect to your cab of choice and alongside these you have USB and balanced XLR outputs for recording flexibility. Coupled with a direct line out for using headphones, line in and the series FX loop you have plenty of scope for sound customisation and versatility for any scenario you find yourself in.

Type of AmpHead
Wattage20 Watt
Amp TechnologyValve
Valves2 x EL84 / 1x ECC83 (12AX7)
Voices4 (2 Clean/2 Overdrive)
Controls Gain
Master Volume
Connectivity XLR Emulated Output
USB Audio Out
Direct Out
Line In
Series FX Loop
StyleBoutique styling with chickenhead knobs

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