Blackstar JJN-20RH MKII Guitar Amplifier Head

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  • Jared James Nichols signature 20-watt guitar amplifier head
  • 2xEL84 in power amplifier and ECC83 (12AX7) in the preamp stage
  • Four footswitchable voices for ultimate versatility
  • XLR emulated output and USB audio for recording flexibility
  • Newly voiced spring quality digital reverb
  • Blackstar patented Infinite Shape Feature lets you sculpt your own tone
  • Button push power reduction to quickly switch from stage to home use
  • Refined and boutique looks with chickenhead knobs, racing green Tolex exterior


Jared James Nichols is a chicken-pickin' blues guitarist from Wisconsin, USA. Touring the world extensively with the self-monikered trio and his signature Epiphone ‘Old Glory’ Les Paul, Nichols has teamed up with UK's own Blackstar amplification and produced a 20-watt racing green valve amp head and cab. With Nichols unique, aggressive, 70s inspired blues-rock in mind, Blackstar has crafted a small form but uber powerful tube amp. Boasting 2 EL84 tubes and an EEC83 preamp valve, the JJN-20RH produces a very British tone. Allied with Blackstar’s Infinite shaping feature you can also get a vintage American sound when using the overdrive channels.

Keep it clean

The Blackstar JJN-20RH has two distinct clean channels both of which can be controlled via a footswitch. Voice 1 provides a tight responsive clean with strong bass tones with the tone shaped early in the gain. This gives the JJN-20RH it’s clean American tone. Voice 2 is a brighter looser sound. The bright tones chime in a classic British way. When the gain is pushed the clean on both voices gets grittier and dirtier while retaining the clarity of the clean channel.

2 Channel, 4 Voice Clean and Overdrive

The Blackstar JJN-20RH has 2 foot-switchable Overdrive voices. Powered by the 2 EL84s, the first voice is a high gain super crunch that holds a tight response without any of the fuzziness associated with high gain tones. This gives a very bright, sharp tone with very good bass response. Voice 2 is a very aggressive high gain sound with a balanced mid & bass tone. This is a very strong gain based on the Blackstar HT Venue MkII. The JJN-20RH has a selectable gain boost called blues power select which adds a few Db of gain to push just enough crunch to the clean to be able to wail and enough gain to the overdrive to get really heavy.

Spring quality digital reverb

The JJN-20RH has a digital reverb with spring reverb quality for a spacious wide sound. This means the JJN-20RH is a live blues amp straight out of the box. The JJN-20RH comes packed with a number of very interesting features. There is a voltage control button on the front to reduce the overall volume of the amp down to 2 watts for more practicable home use. This reduction in volume does not affect the power outputted by the 2 EL84's maintaining that tube overdrive at a fraction of the volume.

A well connected head

The back panel features some of the most thorough connectivity options seen on an amp head. The JJN-20RH has a USB output so you can connect to your home computer for the most accurate studio tones. A D.I out for sending straight to a P.A., ideal when space is an issue. There is also a 1/4 inch line out/phones for more versatile audio out options including an emulated output for a 1x12 or 4x12 cabs. There are a host os speaker connection options for 2x16 ohm, 1 x 8ohm or 1 x 16ohm. There is also an effects loop and line in for playing music or backing tracks through the amp.

The JJN-20RH is a versatile, small form yet extremely powerful amp. Blackstar’s attention to detail really makes this amp stand out from the crowd. The tilted design for easier access on stage through to the front facing voltage control really makes this amp a very practicable unit while still being well designed. The racing green Tolex exterior is both elegant and rugged while Jared James Nichols front panel design lends a classic vibe to the amp that is sure to help you stand out from the crowd. Blackstar have stated that there is a limited run of the JJN-20RH 20r so this will likely be a collector's piece from one of the worlds leading amp manufacturers.

ModelJJN 20RH
Type of AmpHead
Wattage20 Watt
Amp TechnologyValve
Valves2 x EL84 / 1x ECC83 (12AX7)
Voices4 (2 Clean/2 Overdrive)
Controls Gain
Master Volume
Connectivity XLR Emulated Output
USB Audio Out
Direct Out
Line In
Series FX Loop
StyleBoutique styling with chickenhead knobs

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